Monday, March 23, 2015

Paul Krugman coming extremely close to one of our blogs's themes

  In the March 20 issue of the NY Times, Krugman's column titled, "Trillion Dollar Fraudsters" appeared in the Times.  Now I'm pretty sure Krugman is not following our lead here, but his conclusion that what is happening is trillions of dollars being transferred from the poor and the working class into the pockets of the rich.
  That, of course, is pretty much what this blog has been harping on for these last three years.  To read Krugman's column just click on the following:

                                    Trillion Dollar Fraudsters

  The far Right, under the guidance of the Koch Brothers has been working this mission for many years.  Of course Krugman does not mention the Kochs in his column.  However he does note that the Republicans are behaving far more brazenly than they have in recent years.  That brazenness is directly attributable to the ownership of the Republican Party by the Kochs and their fellow right-wing billionaires.
  For instance, we have long claimed that the multi-trillion dollar tax cuts from Reagan and Bush were simply transfers of those huge sums away from our own public service funds into the pockets of the rich.  I do not doubt that Ronnie and Georgie were led by the nose in making those tax cuts.

Under their heroic guise of saving money 

They are fully intent on stealing our money

And flattening our government into uselessness

Friday, March 13, 2015

I mean goddammit!

There's no secret to inequality.
The rich have pirated away our wealth.

And they've been using our own wealth against us.

   We've seen the indexes that show how the divide between rich and poor has widened enormously now, under the onslaught of the Kochs and their many cohorts, to the point where it has caught up with that fateful year of 1929.  We are all pretty much aware of how the wealth and incomes are getting wider and wider, but maybe if we just see that as numbers, instead of as real people, the import escapes us.  
  You only have to read a little of the impact of the Great Depression on the majority of American families to understand the devastation that the extreme widening between rich and poor can portend:
Homelessness (and the Hoovervilles)
     Many people became homeless because they lost their job and couldn't pay their rent.  The homeless then did anything to keep a roof over their head, including making shacks out of anything, forming Hoovervilles.  The hardest hit people were those on the bottom of the economic ladder.  People who couldn't pay their rent moved in with their relatives.  The homeless built shacks out of tar paper, cardboard, scrap material .... anything.
  The more people that were homeless, the more competitive the job market became.  Discrimination increased during this time because  Americans were in competition for a shrinking amount of jobs.  The ones that suffered the most were the minorities (African Americans, Hispanics, and in the west, Asian Americans).  The white laborers began demanding the low paying jobs that were normally filled with these minorities. 
Starvation and Illness
  Starvation and illness were devastating to a great swath of the country.  Everyone who did not have a job was having a hard time feeding themselves and paying the rent.  If they could not eat, it made them more prone to get an illness.  If someone was unemployed, it is likely that they are living in a "Hooverville" or tight quarters where it is easier to get sick.  And living somewhere without a bathroom or running water, things were not very clean.  Children also suffered most from the long-term effects of  a poor diet and no medical care.
Loss of dignity and increase of nastiness
  With the loss of almost all of the higher paying men's jobs, the wives and children made a great effort to fill the gap with their lower paying jobs.  With the nastiness of the rich, those pre-Koch types (the robber barons) the woman often got fired if the employer found out she was married.  The men suffered loss of dignity from not being able to support their families.  In a majority of cases, it was their wives and children who were supporting them.

We all know how Americans finally reacted to that situation
  We booted Hoover and the robber barons out of political office.  Yes, we did boot them out resoundingly, thus beginning several decades of America actually trying to do what it has always proclaimed that we do. 
  From the political toppling of the robber baron government, to be immediately replaced by effective government spending accelerated by the advent of World War II, we had about three decades of significant and beneficial government involvement in our directions and affairs, highlighted by the achievements of the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.

However, here they come again, bearing the old inequality
  Yes, what's the phrase(?) "money never sleeps."  Well that's for sure.  The money didn't sleep after Eisenhower and Kennedy finished completing their triumphs using government funding for the federal superhighways and the moon landings.  The money has now re-emerged from the rich man's morass to begin re-grabbing what the robber barons were obsessively focusing on in 1929 (their own wealth and benefit.)

Since 1929 the money has gotten a lot nastier with the Kochs
  No, these newer guys have gone to school on how to deal with any political hits they might take from an FDR or an aggressive liberal Congress.  They want to keep the pot boiling but just low enough that we don't thresh around like lobsters, and begin tossing them out of office.  There have been some recent happenings that show that they intend to keep that pot boiling just below the "toss them out of office" level.  [John Roberts' vote to not declare Obamacare unconstitutional comes to mind.]

With the guidance of the Kochs, they've got us in barbed wire
  Yes, they've captured both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court.  We have the Presidency, but that's a little like a pop gun going against a massive cannonade.  

We need the best liberal minds focused on a political upheaval
  Yes, we need a political upheaval that matches what we did in response to the Great Depression in 1932.
  Now, we don't have a handy Great Depression to cause us to propel into office an FDR plus an aggressively liberal Congress, all-the-while mounting a political outcry against the troglodytes in the Supreme Court.  However, I'm betting that we have some brilliant minds out there who can mount some political jui-jitsu to create a 1932-type upheaval in 2016.
  The godawful widening between the rich and poor that we experienced in 1929 just before the Great Depression slammed all Americans is storming over the horizon again.  The Kochs and their buddies are planning to hold the heat down so that it only hurts us all badly, but does not go far enough to make us throw them out of office.  
  I'm convinced that somewhere in the Liberal domain there are those razor-sharp minds that can turn this widening rich/poor gap into a second coming of the 1932 political eruption without just sitting and waiting for the catastrophe.  
For a 1932-type political upheaval,
they hit us with another depression 

Friday, February 13, 2015

We were giants back then.

And we could be giants again
  Happened to tune into an old Science Channel program dealing with the engineering and technician challenges that were encountered by those who took up President Kennedy's 1961 challenge for us to get to the moon (and back) within a decade.  The hundreds, and even thousands, of difficult life-critical issues that had to be dealt with and solved to make that fundamental challenge become true were truly mind-boggling.   
  Yes, the difficulties and hurdles were absolutely mind-boggling, but guess what?  
We did it!

  Yes we did do it, working together and without the leadership of some Koch brother to fund it and order for it to be realized.  

The point is that we, collectively, have enormous power
  Yes, we do have massive power as long as we keep that power focused and make sure it does not become self-destructive.  The program of our getting to the moon, and back safely was launched by our national pride and given voice and thrust by President Kennedy in 1961.     
  In facing the moon program, thousands of problems kept turning up including the tragedy of the fatal capsule fire of Apollo 1 in 1967.  However, we didn't stop because of the possibility for some disaster, and we didn't abandon the vision that Jack Kennedy had given us.
  Americans didn't sit around, twiddling their thumbs and hoping for some billionaire with bulging pockets (and an even fatter ego) to decide that we were going to go to the moon.  No, it was the consensus of the people and our democratically elected leader to choose this goal and to launch it on its way.  The preparations for the moon-launch were begun in the early sixties and the moon trip was completed still in the sixties, within the decade that Kennedy had envisioned.

maybe, just maybe.... 
We don't need no stinking billionaire

We are extremely powerful without their money
[And yes, collectively we are giants]
  There is nothing that can stop us if we are together.   Just as Americans could manage to tackle and solve myriads of gordian-knot levels of problems in getting us to the moon and back, we can collectively solve our critical problems including keeping our family incomes in good shape, educating our kids, and caring for our sick.

It's not those problems that are THE problem
  No, THE problem is that our collective will is being obstructed by the supremely greedy rich guys like the Koch brothers.  Before the Kochs were even on the scene, we had taken a good shot at finding out what we can do together.
  Beginning with our righteous slam back of the robber barons after they had dropped on us the horrible Great Depression of the 1930's, we moved mountains.  In our anger at the misery and starvation that those hoggish forerunners of the Kochs had created we threw them bodily out of office Then with the leadership of FDR and a newly militant Congress (in office because of that misery) we began to repair many of the greed-driven stupidities created by the rich, so that those miseries could not be totally dropped upon us again.
  We remained in that mountain-moving mode all during the FDR years in office (1932-1944).  Yes, I know the corrections weren't exactly fixed in granite in our back-and-forth democracy, even though we did manage to secure some directions and new starts for those fixes.  Using the controls afforded by the government's power to curb the running amok by the insatiable rich, we did make a good running start on slowing down those grabby fat boys.

  Because their mountain of money is always leveled at the destruction of our government, and because big money never really sleeps, it won't totally amaze anyone that from the great days of the FDR repairs on banking and the economy, we now are dealing with a new class war.  This new class war is completely driven by the rich, and aimed right at us!
  This newest version of the filthy rich is a lot more cunning than the old robber barons were in the 1930's.  They've pre-empted the problem of having the government act as a watchdog on their rich-boy antics by clamping a right-wing Denver boot on the ability of government to even function.  With their money and their purchased guile, right at this moment they have our government in quite a barbed wire snare. 
  I'm emphasizing "right at this moment," because that is what I truly believe that it is.  They're no longer stupid enough to blatantly foist on millions of American voters the abject misery of a 1930s style Great Depression.  We showed them then what our reaction could be.

The Trick
  The trick is going to be figuring out how to get that liberal reaction from American voters without waiting for the right-wing idiots to create yet another Great Depression.
  As has been noted here, it's going to be a lot harder now because their leadership is going to largely avoid right-wing tea-party antics that would otherwise alert the general population about the danger that lurks within their very DNA.  They're playing a balancing game now of trying to keep their tea-partiers happy, while not letting those tea-partiers do something that does alert the American voters about that right-wing danger.
  An example of their newfound caution was when John Roberts did not vote with the four right-wing justices to kill Obamacare.  Every far-right yahoo in the country was screaming at the top of his lungs for the Supreme Court to kill it, but John Roberts would not do it:

Does anyone here believe that John Roberts had
 such a mind-blowing attack of conscience?

Of course he didn't

  They've got the John Roberts's in key places to keep the Tea Partiers from doing the kind of blatant damage that got them into trouble back in the 1930's.  

Of course, we've still got a ton of work do do 
  The right wing owns both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court.  They will do as much damage as they possibly can, stopping just short of provoking another 1930's style comeuppance on our part. 

Anyone care to help stimulate a return to
 that 1930's style comeuppance? 


Can we get back to being the giants
that got us to the moon?  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gearing up while staying level-headed.

Mountains to Climb

And even bigger ones after that...

   Folks, I'm not going to try to minimize this problem we're going to be facing.  They're throwing everything at us that money can buy, including the kitchen sink.  They've bought up large and powerful blocs of our very own government, and now they're using our government against us.
  At this point, that once august body, the US Supreme Court, is no more than a toady choir for the loaded fat-cats of the right wing conspiracy.  To get to this point, the rich have used a collection of idiots and Machiavellians so that now the Supreme Court of the United States would even stand on its head and recite from Alice's Wonderland if John Roberts were to so request.

The Nastiness: that's money, that's far right focus, and it's screw the common man and woman
  The only thing that will be slowing down a rampant Tea Party avalanche will be their distant memory of how our forebears finally reacted to their stupidity when they created the Great Depression.  We were slow to finally react against the previous rich-think that had totally pervaded all of America for decades, but once we got going on that, we really did clean house under FDR. 
  Even now, neither they nor we are totally sure that they couldn't just roll over us anyway without any retribution.  I'm sure, with their ownership of both the House and Senate as well as the aforementioned Supreme Court collapse, many of their loudest Tea  brains will be screaming, "What are we waiting for?"  

If only....
  If they really turn out to be that stupid, it could risk a reaction on our part that would result in a major slap-down (and even the beginning of a reversal) of the right-wing inroads that they have been making on America and its government over the last thirty years.

 With their newfound majorities, come new vulnerabilities
  As long as the Senate kept the ludicrous voting of the House from becoming anything that Americans had to really worry about, everything could proceed as if nothing were really going awry.
  However, when the Senate also begins to think with the same kind of dippy-headedness, those far-right pranks, such as killing Obamacare, now have the possibility of becoming law.  

  Now, I don't believe most Americans will be taking kindly to such stupidity.  I'm also betting that far-right command will be somewhat aware of the dangers that would result if they do allow their Tea-Partiers to have too great a say in what the government initiatives are going to be.

  It could be an interesting two years, with the right-wing's majorities in Congress and the Court versus Obama's power to veto their most egregious stupidities. 

Then, let's straighten this mess out.