Friday, December 5, 2014

Our money's there; it's ALWAYS been there!

Our nation is not penniless
The money is just being hoarded ...
 ... by people who need it the least!

  With Ronnie Reagan and little "W" Bush acting to complete the one-two punch of scraping the United States' pantry bare, we have let ourselves get pushed into an imagined impoverished state that sure as hell doesn't need to be endured.  
  I heard two people on the radio this morning, assuring themselves that since our government may not have enough money to do the things that need to be done for the American people that, "We can't have everything."  Well, my response to them is:
Screw that! 
  Just why the hell do people who fancy themselves to be in positions of some substance just fall into that deluded mode of thinking?  Worse yet, why do they go ahead and use their position of mass expression to try to spread that delusion to everybody else?

   Of course we know we can't have everything.  That's not the point.  The point is that a minority of Americans (that'd be our friendly billionaires) have managed to rig the game so that the majority of us have far, far less of everything of substance; while they themselves and their multitudes of sycophants are stuffing themselves with the fat lion's share of the earth's material goods.
  No, we're not talking about us all becoming like Scrooge McDuck and having huge money bins brimming with cash that we can swim and splash through.  We're talking about taking control of the wealth that we really do have as a whole, and using that wealth to make us all better, and to be better able to make some headway in this universe that we find ourselves in.  

We really do have enormous shared resources
  Yes, the wealth that we have as a whole is enormous.  Before the two dimwits, "W" and Ronnie, acted to drain the trillions of dollars out of our shared resources to give to the billionaires, we had a glimmer of what our collective wealth could achieve.  Eisenhower and Kennedy showed us what could be done using our shared wealth via government spending.  That included the building of our super highways and by launching us on manned trips to the moon.  
  Under the current political climate shepherded in by our friendly billionaires, we are now supposed to believe that our government cannot afford to do anything even slightly materially advantageous for the American people, never mind the spectacular Eisenhower and Kennedy accomplishments that were done using money from our shared government resources.

We are supposed to believe that government is broke:

What Bull!
     - We could be educating every young person who has the talent and commitment for it, without then burdening them for decades to pay it back to banks that are owned by (you guessed it) the billionaires.
     - We could be providing medical care that goes far beyond the current first step of Obamacare, at far less cost to Americans.  When we toss the fat, grabby hands of the insurance companies away from the health care till and make full medical coverage get paid for more like Medicare it will be a good start, (government as the single payer) without putting up with the insurance pigs.
     -  We could be providing full employment with jobs that pay enough for people to live on comfortably.  [The corollary would be eliminating the starvation jobs offered by WalMart and McDonalds.  That's the  billionaires' ruse to maintain absolute control by keeping many of us with incomes so low that it takes away their freedoms.]  
     - We could be attacking global warming, instead of just wringing our hands about it.
     - We could be revamping, restoring, and replacing when appropriate our highways and bridges (the infrastructure) instead of just letting it fall apart.
     - We could be greatly improving and making more efficient, our systems of mass transportation.
     - We could be moving towards energy systems that are much cleaner and greatly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.         

 And It's Our Money
   Those two presidents (Reagan and Bush) who gave away all of our shared governmental money to the billionaires were probably the two most intellectually challenged presidents in our whole history.  The billionaires were quite clever in choosing which "leaders," those with the absence of a full set of working brain cells, to do the sorry task.  They drained enormous amounts of our shared resources from government funds to baldly give our money away to the already far too rich.

We can take it bac
When we have the chutzpah
And get going on all those
 Good things for America 


Friday, November 21, 2014

Walmart holding holiday food drives again ... to feed their co-workers !?!

The signs on the Walmart donation bin read:

Please donate food
items here so 
Associates in need
 can enjoy 
Thanksgiving Dinner

What the hell can you even add to that?    

       [From the richest corporation on the globe]

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No more Mr. Nice Guy?

 Oh, bleeping pull.....eeze!

  Hey, rich boys, that's really not much of a threat.  You say, "OK, now we're really angry and now we're going to stop being so nice."

I've got news for you guys....

  You began behaving like total idiots the instant Obama came into office in 2009, and you haven't let up since*.  So when you tell us that now you want to work together, I'm sure you won't be too offended if we just have a good laugh at the possibility of regaining any of that long-lost "chumminess."
 *   You've done everything you could possibly do to thwart and sabotage the legitimate operations of the US government under the leadership of Obama. 
[Let's say that again:  You've been willing to totally screw our country in order to gain a few steps more towards your rich man's greedy objectives.]
  You've  shutdown the government itself, you've blocked nearly all of his judicial appointments, you've not funded any of the obvious economic repairs needed to fix the recession created by your boy Bush, you've not allowed any of the repairs to our economy and society to take place.  All the while, you've voted more than forty times in the House to ineffectively try to repeal Obamacare.  During all that wasted time you've not lifted a finger to help the victims of the Bush Recession get paying jobs to replace what they lost in 2008.  Since your right-wing Congress has been getting bulldozed into place Obama has had no help in achieving full employment.  He has had no help in repairing our youngsters' costs for loans in higher education, nor received any Congressional help to provide a living wage to grade-school teachers.  Medical coverage still needs to shake off the "hand-in-the-till" of the damned insurance companies.
  Further, with your far-right outlook on the world squeezing our purse strings, we have not been been able to tackle the environment, global warming, the infrastructure, mass transport, or make proper use of science.
  A real government would have been doing that; you guys don't have a clue about what a real government looks like.  You've been so busy trying to destroy government that you've forgotten what the real purpose of government is.

  We had a fix on what any habitat created by the Koch brothers might look like more than 3 years ago in this blog's very first posting.  Is anyone surprised that the attempted destruction of our government is a big part of the current picture?  (We were probably a little too nice in that initial blurb.)

Originally from their John Birch father...
... abetted by their own Libertarian learning
  No matter how much money has been spent on these brothers to make them look and talk like human beings; no matter how much they've given to NPR; no matter how much they've given to NOVA; no matter how much they've given to charities:

Don't Believe It! 
  They are not in your court.  They will never be in your court.  They have an agenda for taking your world down.  It involves co-opting one of our major parties and using it to dismantle our government from the inside.
  Have you noticed how the numbers of Republicans over the last couple of decades have become almost total mannequins for the rich far right?
  Twas not always so.  There was a time when at least a decent minority of them were able to speak up for the nation in spite of their leanings towards property and wealth.  Now, except for occasionally Senator Susan Collins, there's virtually no one there.

  The Republicans currently in government did not just happen via the ballot box.  The number and the zombie-like mindset of the Republican officeholders has been plotted, bankrolled, and steamrolled by the rich right-wing.  It's probably not entirely the Kochs doing it, but I'm pretty sure that David and Charles are up to their elbows in the middle of this mess.
  This "mess" includes their reverse class war where they are currently punishing us for making them have to work to steal all of our money and democratic rights.  The immense rich man's tax cuts under Reagan and Bush were their means for shifting many trillions of the money out of our government funds, and into their fat pockets.  
  Now those government funds were originally targeted to build our roads and bridges, to educate our children, to further complete our medical coverage, to protect us environmentally, to make sure we all have good paying jobs, and to advance our knowledge scientifically.
  It's the kind of government headway we used to make, such as when Eisenhower built the superhighways and Kennedy got us to the moon.  Now the Kochs and their cohorts have managed to totally deflate and flatten our government using the enormous tax cuts provided by Ronnie and George W.

There's no reason for America's shared objectives
 to get grabbed and stuffed into the greedy pockets 
of the Kochs and their buddies.

We'll take a chance with your worst.
We've been seeing that for six years.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Being unruly and helping immigrants might get to be fun!

Obama's executive orders
Roil the Elephant in the room 

  For six years the right-wing has been harassing the Obama administration about everything under the sun, even including where he was born.  His broad medical coverage act has been beset by a hornets nest of trumped up "issues," even going so far as to use the ACA (Obamacare), along with government spending, as an excuse to shut down our government.
  Being the party "out of power" has been fun for the right-wingers.  They've used that presumption of imperviousness to inflict all kinds of gratuitous hardship and mischief upon our U. S. government.  Well, with their newly achieved control of government, they are suddenly facing the kind of jeopardy that they have been inflicting.

 Deportation relief 
  Obama has said he will use executive orders to ease the threat of deportation to millions of undocumented immigrants before the end of December.
  Republicans in January could use Congress' power of spending to thwart the executive orders.  Although they have said they would not shut down the government again, Boehner threatened to resurrect the shutdown to counter the Obama order on immigration relief.

- Stay tuned on this immigration question -

Obama deal with China on global warming
  We will cut the US greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025, while China will begin reducing its own emissions by 2030.
  Yes, it sounds uneven but what Obama has achieved is getting China off the dime to at least start doing something about global warming.  
  Right-wingers will scream about the unfairness, totally ignoring the fact that if we can induce China to budge from its pollution appetite, we might just all begin to benefit.

$3B funding to developing countries to address climate change
  US will contribute to an international fund that helps those countries do exactly that.

 Free and open Internet
  Obama's plan to preserve the Internet with an "explicit ban" on paid prioritization for access.  Thereby eliminating the "rich man only" access to the Internet.


More horse-trading?

These may sound like reaches to many people.  They probably are.
  However, with a brilliant horse-trader on our side who's to say? With
 some clever leverage, and playing on the greed of the right-wingers,
 might at least some of these be possible?   Bill Clinton did it in
 the 1990's.   

- Can we induce the right-wingers controlling Congress to create more jobs for Americans?  [And not the starvation jobs from  McDonalds or WalMart.]
- Can we persuade the money-lenders to provide fair loans to college and university students?
- Can we get the right-wingers to move towards complete health care coverage without having to muck around with the insurance companies?
- Can we add fuller focus on infrastructure, transportation, science and the environment? 
- Can we do something about the goddamn NRA, and the guns in the hands of disturbed people?