Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scott Brown never understood it from the first day.

One of the first idiocies out of his mouth...

"It would be too inflationary" ...

... for America to find jobs for the Americans
 put out of work by the Bush Recession.

And he neverever got any smarter.

  And although not a whit smarter, he did retain the habit of running against New England women for whatever political office might possibly be available.  With his latest gambit, having been beaten soundly for Massachusetts Senator by Elizabeth Warren, he decided to go back to his past and use his few years as a vacation toddler in New Hampshire to somehow allow him to qualify to get on the New Hampshire ballot for Senator.  This time the woman he chose to run against was Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire.

Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), now running for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, attacked Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) on the crisis at the border saying that he's "not for amnesty and never have been.  I have not supported the Dream Act, she has.  That's a big difference between Senator Shaheen and me and many other people in the Massachusetts delegation."
[Comment: - It's not the first time he's slipped and forgotten he's no longer representing Massachusetts nor running for a seat in that state.]

  You will remember the debates that Mr. Brown had with Elizabeth Warren when they were running for Senator in Massachusetts.  Every time Ms. Warren raised an issue that had anything to do with economics and how American people would be impacted by the American economy, Brown quickly changed the subject.  He did not want to be discussing anything so challenging with that smart lady.
  Often the subject that he kept tossing onto the table was about some previous superficial reference of hers that: somewhere in her family tree she had an ancestor who was an American Indian.  Now, Ms. Warren fully intended that to be in the casual mood of the millions of Americans who may also have noted such ancestry.
  Well, not Scott Brown.  No, Mr. Brown seized upon that tidbit from Ms. Warren like a rat on a wedge of cheese.  He quickly began using it to try to ward off any moment when Ms Warren was clearly getting the better of him about anything complicated (such as economics).  Since most any subject involving words of more than two syllables was too complicated for Mr. Brown, the story of the American Indian heritage got invoked by him many times during their debates.
   Needless to say, because of Brown's inability to properly debate we all were subjected to more than anyone would have ever wanted to hear about any candidate's heritage.  This was not because Ms. Warren wanted to continue talking about it; it was because Brown had to keep using it to ward off any debating gimmicks [such as logic?]

He's carried forward that inability to think intelligently
  Even in the initial reference in this article, he is roundly sounding off about how safe he is going to keep our borders.  I'm having a bit of fun thinking of that.  Is he going to build a 50 foot fence between New Hampshire and Canada?

I guess that'll show those Canucks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is it time to rise up against money?

   Money is making one of its most flagrant grabs at taking total control of our government and our lives As a majority of the polls are showing, on November 4, the billionaire right-wing will most likely gain a majority of the Senate seats.  
  With the Senate then voting enthusiastically for the rich guys, keep your seat belt fastened.  With the number of ways these guys have used their money to throw monkey wrenches into the machinery, this latest objective on their part, the control of the Senate's initiative, may well be the tipping point for the right wing's goal of  fully controlling our government.

 Expect any resulting attitude to be rich-boy focused 
  The more Machiavellian types of the right-wing may choose to initially soft pedal anything like reversals of Obamacare or defunding of Social Security as they think in longer terms about possibly doing even more damage to our government.
  However, they've been growing bolder and bolder over this decade, and the leadership voices at the right-wing table could be at the point where a majority of them will be ready to start making immediate hits on our fundamental mainstays in healthcare and old age support.  (They've shied away so far, but now look out for your Social Security, your Medicare, and your Obamacare.)  

You'll see soon whether it's to be long or short term damage
  It's mainly a matter of whether they're keeping an eye on what we might do in the next election.  For instance if they stay with the kind of thinking that caused John Roberts to vote that Obamacare was Constitutional, we can prepare for the longer haul.

  My guess is that this time their hot-to-trot Tea Partiers will win that internal debate and they will go for doing as much right-wing damage as possible, as soon as possibleThat would be an indication that they are at the point where they really scoff at any political reaction that we might have to their misconduct.
  If that disdain is true, get ready for anything.  They're not going to worry about what we might do in 2016.  

OK: what might we do in 2016?

[my thoughts]
  First, let's make damn sure we elect a progressive Congress.
     - That means working with all the states.
     - That means working with all the liberal constituencies
        (women, migrants, minorities, gays, ecologists, $ levelers)
        (OMG could working with the Hispanics flip over Texas?) 
     - Let's make that a heavily liberal Congress.
     - Let's keep our core constituencies fully engaged.
     - We will toss out any right-wing damages from 2014 - 2016.

  Second, let's nominate a full ticket that can fight tooth and nail.
     - One key fighter capable of punching out the right wing.
     - Another key fighter capable of straightening out economics
     - Both fighters capable of repairing the right-wing damages.
            (to the laws, the by-laws, and even the constitution)
     - Both fighters to restore American rights and freedoms.
     - Both fighters to cover each other's back.  

 Let's have a haymaker ready for them..

  How about making 2016 be a reprise of the old 1932 elections when Roosevelt and a progressive Congress just blew away the old Robber Baron administration and the Depression?  With FDR and the hard charging liberal Congress leading the way, the American government tackled the dreadful Great Depression and brought it close to a standstill.  [John Maynard Keynes wanted them to go further with more government deficit spending but they weren't ready to take that on yet.  Had they done so, the Depression could have been ended even sooner.]
  So, between now and November, 2016, let's be working hard for an overwhelming liberal majority in Congress.  That's to get ready for a dynamite liberal ticket that will start to repair all the damage that the right-wingers have been able to do.

Then, let's blow them away in 2016

Monday, October 13, 2014

Right wing Senate > how a GOP Senate takeover may plague you

Now why in Hades would we even think of 
handing our government completely over to a bunch 
of rich Kochs who just want to gut that government?

  Are we ignoring the issue of what America is about to be stepping in?  Yeah, I know the problems....

- Let's note things that we're doing wrong first: -

     - It's the mid-term election; we Democrats normally whistle right past the mid-term at our own silly risk; however, while we are whistling, the right-wing is grinding to plow under our government.
          - [Damnation, haven't we learned yet to pay attention to the makeup of Congress instead of just going giddy over the election of a single president?]
     - The Kochs have achieved the Citizens United free-for-all using their enormous money to start working to dominate our elections. With their right-wing maxim of, "money has constitutional rights*," they are trying to stuff human citizens into the caboose.
* That phrase was given to us by that snake-in-the-grass
who wields the gavel in the Supreme Court. 
     - We have a president who does not know how to lead a no-holds-barred fight;
     - Although we do have a great message we haven't yet broadcast it from a single coherent and visionary voice; 
     - Obama did not even make use of a powerful weapon that was sitting in his holster, when he could have energized Latino voters with a strong executive order on immigration;

     -  The Democratic significance: -

    - Democrats are determined to bring family incomes in America much closer together instead of giving all the money to the one percent at the top of the income pyramid;
     - Democrats will fight the establishment of a "WalMart economy" where Americans get shoved into below subsistence jobs merely to make higher profits for the bosses; 
     - Democrats will not allow billionaire money to dictate election results;
     - Democrats will educate our young people without causing them grinding decades of financial hardship to pay it back;
     - Democrats will educate our even younger people to give them a solid base for a lifetime of absorbing the learning that they will need, and that they will very much want.
     - Democrats will extend and complete the medical coverage for all people at reasonable cost, without giving the insurance companies the high end of the hog;
     - Democrats will protect citizens from the abominations of foulness and blight to our environment plus protect us all from the financial damage from the moneylenders of the right-wing;
     - Democrats will get us back into shape with the timely maintenance of existing roads and bridges; they will also insure ongoing addition of new infrastructure to keep up with population growth;
     - Democrats will make sure that technical decisions are made that are consistent with the best practices of science, including tackling the problem of global warming.
     - Democrats will insure that government offices, at all levels, will not be allowed to run at such a threadbare condition and cost that they cannot properly serve the citizens of America.    
          - [This last is especially true in light of the multimillion dollar bonuses and bribes that are being wildly celebrated by the right-wing financial trading toadies.] 

 - The Politics -

     - Focus on Congressional elections (like this 2014 mid-term).  This is where we often lose everything.  If we all show up only when the presidential band starts playing every four years, then fade into la-la land in between, then we don't deserve any better than we're going to get. 
Congress is where the true power resides in America.

      - Democrats are driven by the younger voters, the women, the African-Americans, the Hispanics, the gays, those younger women who need abortion guidance and support, those concerned about the science, those concerned about fair incomes, and those concerned about the environment.
                [These folks are our life-blood, and we are just sitting back and watching them take sabbaticals when there's no glitzy presidential race involved.  It's our job to make a difference there, beyond just wringing our hands.]
        National exit polls from the last midterm elections in 2010 indicated that voters aged 18-29 favored Democratic candidates over Republicans by 55 percent to 42 percent. Those figures were roughly reversed among voters aged 65 and older, who voted Republican 59 percent to 38 percent.
  Tellingly, those voters who were 65 and older accounted for 21 percent of the votes cast in the midterm of 2010, while only about 12 percent of those midterm voters came from the 18-29 cohort.

     - Meanwhile, why can't a Democratic president get his hands dirty leading a no-holds-barred political war?

- A twenty-first century version of the Fireside Chats,
 only with more belligerence. 

-  The right-wing Senate...
.. that you may soon encounter - 

                                                 - Let's say the Kochs finish the 2014 elections with a 51-49 majority, 
                                                   and see how the right-wing result compares to the Democratic
                                                results without the far-right intrusion. (Hint, it's not pretty.)

     - Family incomes will not get closer, on the contrary they will be pushed wider and wider apart, and at an increasing speed.  [For instance, if you start out somewhere in the middle, you will find that you may be dropping towards towards the poverty line.  If your pay gets any worse along the way (for instance if you go to work for Walmart), you may find that you are zooming towards the poverty line.]
     - The right-wing government will actively promote a Wal-Mart economy that will force more and more people  (you, or your relatives and friends?) into working and existing with dirt-cheap Wal-Mart and McDonalds paychecks for full families.
     -  Election results will be totally driven by the billionaires' money.
     - Higher education will become almost impossible for anyone who is not rich, or who is not signing up to curry favor to the rich.
     - People like Betsy Devos will be encouraged to come forward again with her school voucher scam and her favorite mantra/slogan, "separation of school and state." (What the hell did that ever mean?}  All the while, their real aim is the destruction of our public schools.
     - The full government (not just the gerrymandered House) will now destructively be chopping away at even the medical coverage that was achieved during the first six years of Obama.  [Forget full coverage.  We're now going the other direction.
     - I doubt that controlling pollution and blight will even be on the radar screen of such a government.  A Democratic president may yell about it, but with both houses of Congress tuned out, he won't get much done.
     - Infrastructure:  Maintaining roads and bridges?  What do you think?  Want to make a guess what shape these anti-government screw-ups will leave our highways and bridges in?
     - Multimillion dollar bonuses for the right-wing toadies will probably grow even bigger, with louder, giddier celebrations.  This will be happening while crucial government functions will be getting totally ignored by the far-right "government," and while the governmental facilities are becoming even more threadbare and disfunctional.

The people who don't want your
government to work are threatening to...

.. take over your government, and demonstrate
that they absolutely don't know anything 
about running a government at all. 

- It would be funny, except we'll pay the price.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


 What would a right-wing takeover of the Senate mean?

  I'm sorry to say that a right-wing majority in the Senate would now mean that essentially our total government would be in the witless hands of the Tea PartiersWe're all aware of how the House of Representatives was gerrymandered into office, where they've since held dozens and dozens of idiotic votes to kill Obamacare after it had been already approved, and was up and running.
  Now the right-wingers want to make the Senate start behaving as moronically as the House...

...and folks, if they do manage to do that,
it'll be Katie bar the door.

  Our government will be in the hands of the Tea-Party, who brought us the senseless government shutdown of 2011.  

  Now that little shutdown possibility had been hanging around in the Constitution and by-laws for 235 years.  It was basically a little nit that wasn't going to be a problem as long as our leaders remained stable and sane, and didn't try to drive the bus into the ditch.
  Well folks, forget stable and sane; our government is being visited by the malevolence of the Koch brothers, only it's parading as the witlessness of the Tea Party.  Hell, I'm sure those two brothers don't want to think of themselves as evil, but we might want ask an observant jury to focus on precisely that question:
  These two brothers have managed to use their billions to bring our government to an abject standstill.  And now with the possibility of a majority vote by their minions in the Senate, they very much want to take that government from standstill and have it begin to move heavily in the direction of right-wing malice.  They are ready to have every far-right pestilence known to humankind visited upon us.  They will be using government to create worse than non-government; it's to create authorized chaos.

Is that evil or not?,  You make the call. 


  We are at razor-thin probabilities of fighting for the right to have our government not behave as the organ of doom, propelled by the mountain of money from the far-right billionaires.  Those absurdly rich people don't believe that government should exist at all.

 The chaos that these people want to
 put America in is quite serious.

Let's do what we can to stop this travesty, 
and then let's start moving the governmental 
train again in the forward direction.