Friday, April 4, 2014

Rip-off artist in judicial gown.

Look out, here comes their money again!

Justice Roberts papers over his lying, double-talking self with dozens of pretty little euphemisms:
But he's still standing up for malicious big money
swindlers who want to do the rest of us in!

  On his latest curtsy to big money [the Supreme Court's major new inflation of their contemptible Citizens United decision] Chief Justice Roberts said the core purpose of the First Amendment was to protect political speech from government interference, even if many people might welcome it.
[Just watch this double-talk as he misuses and misinterprets the First Amendment.]
  “They would be delighted to see fewer television commercials touting a candidate’s accomplishments or disparaging an opponent’s character,” he wrote. “Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so, too, does much of what the First Amendment vigorously protects. If the First Amendment protects flag burning, funeral protests and Nazi parades — despite the profound offense such spectacles cause — it surely protects political campaign speech despite popular opposition.”

Disguising his damned intent - Roberts is not protecting free campaign speech.  He's just using those words to give the enormous right-wing money free reign to try to roll over otherwise fair elections.
  The double-talker-in-a-gown's hypocrisy knows no bounds.  He's still talking about billions of dollars deserving First Amendment rights just as if those almighty dollars were the same as flesh and blood American people.
  The man is totally obscuring the fact that that big money is there to try to capture and nullify our government.  It's not at all the same as some stupid kid just burning a flag.  That billionaire money is aimed at taking away our democracy, our freedoms, and our success.  That stupid little flag-burner he mentions is nowhere near that dangerous. That billionaire money is like a huge cannon aimed at our heads, and this con man wants to give it the same rights as that of living American citizens so it can just sit there and mow us down.

We'll need to use publicity on this one  
  We know we can't vote him or his knee-jerk buddies out of office, with their lifetime appointments.  So we'll have to use the power of notoriety and pile the blame as much as possible on to Roberts and his 5-4 automatics for being fawning slaves to the very money that wants to take over our freedoms.  
  I know that message can reverberate if we will just pull it together.  To do that will take someone to be the visible point-person who, by their very presence, can bring both gravitas and well-placed humor to the equation.  The humor will allow the message to be hard-hitting, but also allow it to go on for a long time without losing its steam.  
  If we do it really well, we can find that the obnoxiousness of the Supreme Court can be used to begin making their far-right allies lose elections as we clamp those billionaire suck-up Court decisions, like barnacles, onto their reactionary campaigns.  I know I've mentioned Bill Clinton for this task before, but I also know we've got dozens of people who have that right combination of weight, humor, and articulateness who could make this objective work.  It doesn't always have to be Bill; we've got a lot of verbal and promotional talent out there.  Let's bring it to bear on Roberts and his automatic five.

  Somewhere, we must have a liberal billionaire or two who could provide the wherewithal to keep something like this going.  It needs to be kept going for a long time, and the humor plus the money will be absolutely necessary for that long haul.
  Look, the right-wing has had their nasty billionaire harassers like Richard Mellon Scaife pursue our guys with their money and their obsessions trying to do our good people in, for no better reason than that they could.  Scaife just had all the money he needed, and he had the rich man's obsession and worldview that he could not be stopped.  [And he didn't even have the humor that we are recommending - he was just nasty.]  He simply went on and on months and years beyond what anyone was still concerned about, grinding away at trying to drive one of our guys down.  
   It's time to turn that table and give the right-wing a taste of their own medicine by keeping the stupidities of the Roberts Supreme Court glaringly in front of the American people.

Let's make the Roberts Supreme Court
 quit groveling to the rich  
Or at least make it more and more embarrassing
 when they do grovel to the billionaires

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"He's a very nice person, and he has this incredible business track record...."

That's Bill Gates....
.... speaking of Charles Koch

    Well of course these multi-billionaires are not going to start slamming each other.  And through their moneyed assurance and their gracious training, they do come over as "nice people," even though politically Koch is a major impediment to most of the highest goals that Gates is telling us he wants to achieve.
  Most of Gates' goals are focused in the areas of meaningful improvements for the earth as a place for humans to live and to thrive.  From the evidence that I see about Charles Koch and his brother David, those are not only not the goals of the Koch brothers, they are in fact the all-consuming abominations of the Kochs.  The Kochs spend a considerable amount of their massive fortunes to defeat those Gates goals in:

 - climate                  
- energy                  
- agriculture            
- infectious diseases
- education reform  

Not an explicitly recognized confrontation
  Now Gates always has considered himself more of a computer coder type than as a visionary like Steven Jobs.  Consequently he seems to be tackling more the nuts and bolts of the how-to-do-it rather than the probably more aggressive stance of the stand-back-and-watch-me-do-it.  Bill appears to have little taste for the direct political infighting that it would take to clear the path and really get moving on achieving those goals of his.

  [Of course my term "nuts and bolts" doesn't really do justice to what Gates really wants to tackle.  He's been doing a great job lining up the technical solutions to most of our biggest problems to living on the earth.  He primarily now needs that political path to be cleared away so he can get started on making those things happen.]

  Although there are some of the clearly liberal themes in much of what Gates says (ie - higher taxes on the wealthy, etc.), the political confrontation that will be necessary at some point in order for those Gates goals to be fully tackled, does not yet seem to be an arrow in Bill's quiver.  There will need to be some major political turning points in our current policy situation in order to really get going on those excellent goals of his.
  Meanwhile, although they tend to make nice when they speak of each other, Bill Gates and the Kochs do have diametrically opposed goals.  The opposition is not fully mirrored, because although Gates is working in his politically non-confrontational mode, Koch is spending a great amount of time and energy to directly thwart any chances for those Gates goals to be politically realized.  To be sure Koch is not out on the street visibly campaigning to defeat the above goals of Gates, but he, together with his brother David, make one of the major obstructive forces against those Gates goals. 
  With the Kochs' attitudes formed from equal parts of growing up with their rich kids' entitlements, the early influence of their John Bircher father, and their later involvement with the disguised malice of the Libertarian miserliness, the Kochs are clearly leading the charge, not only against the goals of Bill Gates, but also against the benefits to the American people.
  As you might expect, though, it's not a lined up head-to-head battle between Gates and the Kochs.  Although what Gates is trying to visualize and accomplish in his own non-confrontational way would definitely be anathema to the Kochs, in the world of the billionaires they manage to mostly avoid head-on collisions.

So Just What are the Kochs up to?
 [from the first posting of this blog; Oct. 2011 - and current evidence shows it's now a lot worse.] 
       Well, I don’t believe they’re Santa Claus.  With just the instances noted here; fighting against collective bargaining for public employees, fighting against reduction of global warming, and fighting against local school progress on integration, that’s a very small piece of what the Kochs are doing.  We’ll expand on these and other examples in the coming weeks, with some instances showing how they put combinations of their negative intrusions into play.  Meanwhile take these three cases, multiply them by a very large number, add a ton of money, add a lot of front groups, and add a level of aggressiveness not seen in previous generations of politics. 
[It's now identified as much worse since that first posting in 2011
There's the 'vast right wing conspiracy,' - I know Hillary had hit the nail on the head back in 1998  Now, although the Kochs are the a major spearhead of the right wing attack on our government and its ability to benefit the American people, they are definitely not the whole far-right show.  They've got hundreds more of their right-wing American billionaires lined up working in the same direction as the Koch brothers, all intending to nullify the effectiveness of our government.  They don't want government to do what it did to the robber barons after the Great Depression hit us.    [People were starving, but regulation??? - we couldn't have that!]


 It's not a level battle

   Yes, they'll try to tell you that we have both right and left-leaning billionaires going at it.  However, it's not at all a level playing field.  Most of the so-called liberal billionaires are working on primarily non-political goals that, while potentially aimed at helping real Americans, are not at all focused on the right-left political infighting.  In addition to that, the "liberal" billionaires may give money to support a cause or two, much the same as the Bill Gates with his high-level goals listed at the beginning of this post, above.

- However, the Kochs and their buddies want to gut our government.
- And they've been willfully and calculatingly throwing everything into doing just that.
- They use their devious focus on all the government's shaky spots like the filibuster, gerrymander, and a Supreme Court chaired by a right-wing Machiavellian.
- We're not taking that kind of battle to them at all, yet.
- It's like we're serving tennis balls, but they're using real bullets. 

If we could steer this towards some significant liberal money working from underneath.....
  I know it's not nearly as sexy to build this tie-in from the ground up, but if we could influence a number of our liberal billionaires to throw their support into winning a significant number of our state government legislatures, then we might be onto something.
  One of the first things such an accomplishment would directly influence, would be a reversal of the damn gerrymander that gave us the dumbest House of Representatives that this country has ever had [and man, it is the dumbest.]  We had 1.4 million more votes in 2012 for Democratic House candidates, but we still lost the House fairly significantly to that rotten gerrymander.  [Yeah, there's lots more to be done, but this would be a great first step.]

That gerrymander reversal would be a great Step One.

 Do you think there's a possibility liberal billionaires...
... could dive into such a nuts and bolts political chore...
... as winning state legislatures for people's benefit ? 


Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's stop just being appalled....

....Let's get going on rolling those 
rich boys backwards, all the way back
 to their silver-spoon nurseries

We spend way too much time being shocked by the right wing:
Let's talk about how we can start winning in 2014, instead.

  That's a waste of time (and really, continually being aghast is a little bit demeaning) for all of us if we're going to be serious in getting America back on track.  Time and energy wasted on our being dismayed at the latest screaming from the tea party chorus or the latest idiocy from Glenn Beck is time and energy that you don't spend doing something to counter that "vast" conspiracy by the money guys.  (I think they actually depend upon our frittering away our good working time just being appalled at their brass.)
  The rich are very intent on driving our American government into a corner where it can be disarmed and have very little power to defend and bolster normal American citizens.  While they intend for government to be virtually disarmed, the rich will want government to appear to be functioning normally.  Meanwhile, they want the laissez-faire merchants to run untrammeled.

  These rich boys, headed by the billionaires, learned their lesson about leaving government open to just run constructively forward in its zeal to protect and support ordinary citizens.

  After the wealthy drove us into the Great Depression that began with the stock market crash of 1929, the government responded vigorously by curtailing many of the objectionable practices of the wealthy relating to banking, investments, protection of deposits, and damage from harmful products and practices.
   Well, the rich don't want that!  They don't want regulation that curbs any slow down of their intended untrammeled laissez faire operations in the marketplace.  So they have taken it upon themselves to fence in the government itself in order to permit those operations, while having our government maintain just a facade of operating with full regulatory power.
  The rich want the weakened government to appear to control the wildest banking and investment operations.  They want the weakened government to also appear to control harmful spillage and environmentally destructive practices done by the free market laissez-faire operations.  However, they do not intend for any of these curbs on money or environmental practices to be truly functioning.
  The clue to their concern for appearances is that they are afraid that if we do wake up to what they are actually doing, we will swat them down like our overwhelming voter rebellion that we threw at them in 1932 after the Great Depression had begun starving so many of us.  We had to get pretty angry to start cleaning house like that, but when we did start the house-cleaning, we did a hell of a job!  So now they want us to just sleep peacefully this time, without waking up again to do yet another big swat down on the run-amok wealthy.

So let's now stop whining and being aghast,
And just go seize the rich boys by the balls


And how do we do that seizing ?

(two big swipes) 

- We get control of Congress (in 2014)
   - We maintain the Presidency (in 2016) 

2014 - CONGRESS:    Let's get started (as in now)!
   In 2014, we have to make a big leap towards getting control of Congress.  Now make no mistake, that leap will not come easily, we're going to have to work our liberal butts off.   

Remember, "it's the economy, stupid." from Bill Clinton and James Carville in 1992?  Well let's do an update on that for 2014:

It's the Congress, stupid !

  We have this tendency in America to just focus on the big show, the center ring; so most of us just think of the Presidency.  However, our constitution gives the real lion's share of the power in America to Congress.  It's virtually impossible for the president to achieve anything positive without the support of Congress. 
  We can elect the greatest fighter in the world to the Presidency, but if he or she does not have in place a Congress that really wants to get something positive done, those positive things are not going to happen.  Executive orders will only take us so far.  If any money is required to be appropriated to do anything new, only Congress can make that happen.  So, for 2014 let's take that long list of things that we absolutely must do now and focus, first and foremost, on one big thing - (although it is a very big thing.): 

In 2014, let's win Congress !

  And if for some damn reason we don't quite win Congress outright in 2014, let's scare the hell out of the rich boys leaving just a small step to go, and make them start behaving like Don Knotts having a meltdown as they go into 2016.  

2016 - The Presidency:  (extremely important in 2016, but Congress now for November, 2014)
  Within the last month or two I named two fighters that I wouldn't mind seeing occupy the seats of President and Vice President.  It's definitely not my intent to make that be the only possibility, but I will probably come back to them again from time to time.  I won't name them again right now, because I want the focus of this message to be the immediate winning majority in Congress in 2014, and we have a tendency to let the Presidential sweepstakes cloud out everything else, to our long-term detriment.  So Congress it is for 2014!  And I'm not really going to be satisfied with just scaring them for the next time.  Call me foolish, but I want to win Congress now! 
   [I believe I first mentioned those two fierce fighters for 2016 in the last posting of 2013, (12/30/13)I remain committed to them, although I know we have many, many such strong progressives who would make wonderful candidates to carry our banner.  The reason I don't name them again here is that, that's a long time and we can't afford any distraction now from winning Congress in 2014.]

Congressional elections in 2014

My reasons for thinking we can do it in 2014

1)  1.4 million more votes
 In 2012 we did have 1.4 million more votes for Democratic House candidates than were garnered by the Republican candidates.  I know, I know, due to their gerrymandering they still elected the Republican majority in the House, but stop and look at what that's telling you.  We have the damn winning majority.  It's up to us to make sure it starts being counted right.
  Meanwhile, the Republican House that did get gerrymandered in, is the frontrunner to become the stupidest House of Representatives in history.  (What are the idiots up to so far? - 49 votes and counting to repeal Obamacare after the fact?)  [Just in from the internet - these Rhodes Scholars just hit 50 today.  The stench arising from their stupidity cannot be lost upon the voters this November.] You see the billionaires don't care at all how bad they make government look, and they are perfectly willing to make their lackey Republicans in Congress look terrible if that serves their overall purpose.  That's all part of their underlying conspiracy to take government down.   
  And we're not going to be crying about the 2012 gerrymandering either. It does mean that we're going to be getting in there and slugging it out until Democratic votes start getting counted the way they should.  Just as there's no crying in baseball, there's not room (or time) to cry in the no-holds-barred politics that the rich boys are throwing at us either.  If their gerrymander that transformed the House from what could have been a strong partner for our President into what has turned out to be the dumbest 'tea-party' House in American history doesn't make you mad enough to do something really forceful about it, then you must be a complete saint.

 Let us loudly trumpet the fact that we have always strongly supported women and dammit we're going to double-down on that support in 2014.  We are extremely fortunate to have their leadership on all progressive issues, and we are very happy to have those articulate and brave minds also working on the issues that relate to women themselves. Women fighters have already demonstrated that they are some of the very best campaigners that we have.  Let's ask the women to go front and center to lead this feisty liberal banner.  [Once we've done that, we'll admit to ourselves that we should have done it decades ago.]
I wholeheartedly support that slogan, "When women succeed, America succeeds." 

3) Hispanic immigrants
Another extremely positive development in my mind is the previously persecuted citizens in America developing a strong taste for the ballot box.  The first of two groups to start swinging some progressive haymakers could well be the Hispanics and other immigrant groups that have been too long pushed around as, "illegal immigrants."  The recent 'ALEX laws in Arizona are "Exhibit A," (as in being stopped for just looking Hispanic).   I think not only those people whose papers are incomplete, but all their aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings etc. who do have papers can vote too making that a pretty formidable block.
  [Wouldn't it be great to see good-old far-right Texas, with all the new American Hispanic voters to suddenly find that now The Lone Star state is back and politically "in play" between Democrats and Republicans because of all those new voters?]

4) Gays
  This is the second of the two groups that have been getting pushed around by the right-wing politics.  The gays in America are pretty tired seeing any more crap like the Defense of Marriage Act and may be ready to do some significantly increased punching back of their own. 

5) Jobs
  With this tiddley-wink Congress that the billionaires' gerrymander did to us in 2012, we did not come close to providing enough jobs for Americans to recover from the 2008 Bush crash and Recession.  In fact this Congress didn't even make a pass at jobs.  Outside of 49+ futile votes to overturn Obamacare, this dumbest House of Representatives (ever) hasn't felt that putting Americans back to work is worth spending any time on.

  The billionaires currently directing the Republican Party, want to herd great numbers of Americans into Walmart stores or into other companies that have adopted the the old grind-em-down policies of their Walmart pole-star.  (Apparently these rich jerks think we're all just cattle).  They make their ungodly profits chiefly through cutting costs by refusing to pay their employees a wage that they can live on.  Other companies, mostly owned by our favorite neighborhood billionaires, are falling all over themselves to get in on that Walmart gravy by screwing their own employees too.

  Good progressive campaigners should be able to do a lot with this issue.

7) Stupidities of the money-backed Republicans
We will loudly trumpet the mindless stupidities of the billionaire backed House of Representatives (49 and counting votes to repeal Obamacare after the fact), the knee-jerk right wing Supreme Court (including "money has constitutional rights"), and the senseless filibusters of the Senate, where the money uses the Republican filibusters to just hold the status quo.   [And I'm talking about no let-up politically on the filibuster question, while still maintaining the good humor to keep the idea fresh.]

8) Right-wing conspiracy (it's still sneaking through, even while they are doing those stupid things)
We will loudly note (and trumpet) that all those right-wing stupidities will have occurred in the service of the far-right conspiracy with the full partnership of America's wealthy in command of the action.  The ultimate goal of that damn conspiracy is to turn our whole government into just another of their Koch clients, just like Americans for Prosperity. [I'm sure there's room for some good progressive/everyday American humor to keep this point out front.]

9) Hard-working Liberals
We've got thousands of extremely bright, energetic people who are articulate, funny, and can carry the progressive message.  Many of you are exactly those bright people.  Some of you will carry that message at the keynote level, many others of you will carry that same message in words that are spread out and appropriate for your states.  Great numbers of you in those states will be ready to get your hands dirty while squaring off against the Koch brothers money in your races for the House and the Senate.  Also you can be working on your own state legislature to begin reversing their damn gerrymander of House districts.

Tea Party (it's become a millstone for the Republicans)
  I'm betting the American people have had it up to here with the stupidities and the damage that the Tea Party has been heaping on the rest of us.  I'm betting some of our hard-charging and funny communicators can find a way to hang that smelly group around the necks of all Republican candidates for Congress.

Longer Term Benefits
The following will start in 2014, and will
continue through 2016 and beyond... 

11) Most Republicans are like us

  Although they do have nearly all of the billionaires and millionaires, still the great majority of Republicans are at our income levels.  Most have been duped into playing by the rich man's rules by the mainstream media, which is primarily owned by (you guessed it) the rich men.  If we can start making that message broadly understood in 2014, and continue through 2016 and beyond, this issue could turn into our strongest long-term winner.

12) People are just getting smarter
  Sometimes there's a little ebb and flow, but I really think the intelligence level is rising all the time.  We need to always keep this in mind, not only for the states where we already know there's a high level of intelligence, but also for those states where the right-wing has long counted on people to not have a good grasp of what is really happening.  I think there will be a rising tide of more intelligent voters in those red states where one or more of those states will start to wake up and shake off the rich man's rules.
  While the right-wing will continue to count on appealing to people who they think are not very bright, our campaigns can be continually raising the level of our messages to coincide with what we understand will be an increasingly intelligent American electorate.

Come on, Bill Clinton

  Saddle up and be our focal point for 2014!
If you do that, 

I'm sure we can win Congress!   

Mr Clinton, my assessment is that without you keynoting
and leading this fight, we can possibly win it.  However, 
with you leading it we are a slam-dunk to gain control 
of Congress in November, 2014.