Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Million dollar condos on one side; 27 dollar-a-day burger flippers on the other

Parting the waters between rich and poor

  - A study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research at United Nations University reports that the richest 1% of adults alone owned 40% of global assets in the year 2000, and that the richest 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the world total.  The bottom half of the world adult population owned 1% of global wealth. Moreover, another study found that the richest 2% own more than half of global household assets:

  The wealthy continue to drive the distribution of wealth into a grand canyon sized separation, with themselves and their highest paid shills on the extreme high side, with the rest of us fighting off the severe deprivation of below-living pay from Walmart or McDonalds look-a-likes, if not downright unemployment.
  These crooks have every intention of making the richest goods automatically fall into the hands of themselves and their faithful subordinates, while the rest of us can go pound sand.  Unless you happen to live on rich row you can probably look up and down your street and count the number of your neighbors who have been laid off because of the poor-performing economy.  You can't always spot those neighbors who are "employed" but who unfortunately have ended up working for some dreadful rich employer that uses the "Walmart" method for managing employees.  The number of fully employed, fully paid people in your neighborhood could be a lot smaller than you might realize.

Of course the rich don't want full employment
  This has nothing to do with the ability of your neighbors to competently handle the jobs that need to be done.  It has to do with the fact that the owners of most of our businesses are the very wealthy who prefer to keep the workers in a state of being intimidated and docile.
  The rich don't want American workers to go back to feeling strong and confident as when they were fully employed during the era of Eisenhower and Kennedy.  They want the workers to be jittery and always facing the choice between unemployment and McDonalds.  By keeping that pool of tense workers on hand they expect to maximize their profits while also insuring that the normal American people will not have the courage to vote for a government that will clamp down on their high-handed ways of stealing money from us commoners to stuff into their bloated pockets. 

Billions retained by the wealthy, while their shills get giddy with their multi-millions
  The rich use their mountainous bankrolls to hire all the shills and government lackeys they need to corral their wealth, grow that wealth, straightjacket our government, grab the podium and the gavel, and dictate the course of any debate.
  All of the shills needed in communications, in writing, in speaking, in managing politics, in street encounters, are of course paid extremely handsomely.  The careers of their political lackeys will be significantly boosted, and of course when necessary those lackeys will be paid according to how much benefit the rich believe they are receiving from them.  That pay can run into multi-millions.

The government and normal Americans stay threadbare in the midst of the shills' spree
  It makes no damn sense for our formerly strong and effective American government to be reduced to being a threadbare beggar while the rich and their lackeys are living high on the hog.  By screwing up the economy the rich boys get a two-fer:  They not only intimidate the American worker, but they insure that, with a poor tax base, the American government does not have the wherewithal to stop their nastiness and reverse their pillaging. 

We can reverse their greedy grab

    But we're going to need the chutzpah

       To implement the government corrections.

    Do we have what it takes?         

Thursday, April 17, 2014

coolgreenhills recap

Yeah, it's greed, all right

But lo and behold,
We humans brought it in with us.

  You'd like to think that it's us democracy-focused, freedom-loving, defenders of equality who are going to stand against the zealots of greed, and stop them in their tracks.  Well that would feel kind of good; however, when we get down to the real ruts, boulders, barriers, and fissures that lie on the roadway, it's a great deal more complicated and probably a lot more difficult than just having the courage and the resolve to square off against those greedy hordes.
  Yes, it is greed that we're dealing with, but the really hard part is that everyone of us carries at least some degree of that greed in our own makeup.  To be sure, the amount of greed in each of us varies quite widely between different individuals.  Also, in this blog, we like to note a countervailing tendency to greed in human beings that we simply call generosity.  
  Consequently, we're not really talking about just them and us anymore.  [Everyone remembers the old line from the Pogo cartoon, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."]  Now admittedly, within our various individual levels on the greed/generosity scale, there's going to be a godawful separation between the most big-hearted liberal versus whoever is the richest, nastiest right-winger on the planet.
  What do you think?  Would that last guy be way overbalanced to the greedy side, maybe say at about 98 to 2 on the greed side of the equation, or am I being a little too harsh?  Whatever the numbers turn out to be, we need to note that, because of the differences in the temperaments and approaches of those with the heaviest balance of greed versus those with the heaviest balance of generosity, greed will almost always plant its flag and establish its strong position first.
  Such alacrity seems to be very tightly attached to the first-person obsessiveness of the greediest human beings; and they arrive on the scene already making their first moves towards feeding and satisfying that greed of theirs.  As noted, they will almost always set about making their world be suited for their greed before most of the generous guys even get started.  
  And then, along with that built-in head start, they are able to use the power and traction provided by their enormous right-wing mountain of money.  That money can purchase multiple thousands of razor-sharp writers, speakers, organizers, street-fighters, and political schemers who don't seem to have any real hesitation to taking the money and using those skills to help harm their country. 

What greed has done in America using that built-in head start
   Earlier in America the robber barons set about lavishly providing for themselves, without anyone paying attention that the American economy was being inexorably driven off the cliff.  That free-fall turned into the Great Depression that began with the 1929 market crash, and only ended with the onset of heavy World War II government spending in 1942.
  Now, one of the precursors of the original Depression was a godawfully extreme division of wealth and income between the rich and the great mass of the rest of us.  The robber barons had far, far more money and possessions than they could ever have used, while the rest of us did not have nearly enough.  A number of Americans actually did starve during that decade.  The pain and suffering of great numbers of Americans during the thirties caused the Roosevelt government and an energized Congress to bring about safeguards to keep such terrible things from happening to normal people in the future.  
  Of course, then, the safeguards that were implemented to protect normal Americans were viewed by the rich as shackling their freedom to do exactly as they pleased.  Consequently the rich made a bitter vow to never allow a government of the normal people to determine what they could, or could not, do with their riches.

By the way:  the short period of Happy Days

With the heavy government spending for the war, and the subsequent shift of wealth from out of the pockets of the robber barons to the people, the period from 1942 to 1968 afforded us a wonderful time in American history. For those 20+ years there was some reasonably significant wealth in the hands of the American people, and not just in the hands of the rich. 
  Happy Days were characterized by the higher taxes on the rich by the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.  This factor was key to holding the fort against the destructive machinations of the rich on the popular economy.  The more recent massive tax cuts for the rich by the idiots, Reagan and Bush, have demolished anything that Happy Days did accomplish for us.
  Within a relatively short time after Kennedy and LBJ starting with those ignorant tax cuts, the political lackeys of the rich were on their way to regaining control of the government.  They began moving steadily towards implementing a vise-like clamp on government that would prevent any future American government of the common people from ever putting any kind of restrictions on themselves and their wealthy cronies.  So the rich, led by people like the forerunners of the Koch brothers, and later by the Kochs themselves, got going with their staffing, their planning to nullify government, their pervasive media, their control of the gavel and the agenda, and of course their mountains of money.        
  Their staffing included people of all levels who were well supported and funded.  They have been able to pin-point their precise spotlight and money aimed at the task of placing the American government in a straight-jacket so it would not be able to hamper any of their money movements, nor would they have to contend with any further government regulations.

And now, the Arena has been Thoroughly Saturated
  For possibly as many as fifty years, the big far-right money has been preparing the field for the encounter to be very heavily tilted towards an ultimate showdown that will go in their favor.  Make no mistake, they've done a thorough job of that, so now we have our work cut out for us far beyond what we might have expected.
  They've had their hired-gun wordsmiths and their political lackeys working like hell on the matter of heavily tilting the political battlefield by seizing the political soundtrack, the political mainstream media, and the political gavel.  They use every aberration that they can find in the Constitution, in government practices, in the state governments using federalism, or in the mainstream political arena itself. 
  I know I don't need to remind you how disastrous letting them get away with even something as simple as gerrymandering can be.  In 2012 we actually had 1.9 million more votes for Democratic House candidates than the Republicans had, and guess what?  Using gerrymandering, the Republicans rolled up a sizable majority in the House, even with far fewer voters weighing in for their candidates than the Democrats turned out.
  That really does stick in my crawThat right-wing trick on their side took away a House of Representatives that could have, and certainly should have, been a force for jobs, education, fairer incomes, the environment, and on and on and on.  Instead of that we now have the most ignorant House of Representatives that we have ever had:  Have the number of times they have ineffectively voted to overturn ObamaCare exceeded 50 times yet?  Well hang on.  These idiots are getting there, and will soon blow past 50, 60, 70, and keep on going.  Those jerks are in office because we were not fast-acting enough to prevent the right-wing from totally gerrymandering the 2012 House elections.  So, we've reaped the total imbecility of this current gaggle of nitwits.
  You know, it really does little good to just use their apparent gerrymandered stupidity as confirmation of their nastiness, here.  With their control of the loudspeaker and the mainstream media, they just shift the claim to make it be evidence of government's inability to function.  (Makes you want to scream; at least it does that to me.) 

Beyond gerrymandering:  Filibusters, and the Roberts Supreme Court.
  Yeah, their money, their shills, and their political lackeys have been working this obsession of nullifying government pretty hard.  I'm not saying we've exactly been sleeping on the job, but over the last forty or so years with their money, shills, and focus, they've stolen a huge march on us.  
  OK, gerrymandering is only one of the poison pills these guys have dropped in our punchbowl.  Let's look at the other two main ones:  

Filibusters:  Somewhere back there someone (some IDIOT) slipped a requirement for a supermajority vote for cloture of debate into the rules in the Senate.  Whatever else that may be, that is a dagger in the heart to a government that really wants to function and achieve good things for its people.  For people who don't want government to work at all, it gives the power to as few as 41 senators in Congress to stop a vote from happening even if 59 senators want that measure to pass (say it's something like replacing the jobs for the people put out of work by the unnecessary Bush recession.)  That's insane!

The Roberts Supreme Court:  They've managed to combine the fast-track of an automatic 5-4 far-right vote in the Court with the Machiavellian chairmanship and weasel-wording of John Roberts.  That one-two punch is hurting America badly, as Roberts continues to apply his easy glibness to just rewording the questions for the automatics to ratify, giving them both the judicial decisions and, legislative-like, actually re-forming the questions to present to the knee-jerk five to insure that the rich man comes out of the question, triumphant.  The toxicity of this combination for our country and for normal American citizens is severe and dangerous.  Unfortunately, there is neither a brake nor a termination in that runaway push to the far right.  Also insane!

Why is this happening?
  Of course this is not just from the normal give and take of the political tussle.  As noted, from the days of the government spending and regulations of the New Deal and WWII after the Great Depresssion, the wealthy have been plotting their rebuttal focusing on nullifying the power of our government.  They've gotten a long way down the road of crippling government after a couple of decades of relative prosperity for the everyday Americans.  
  The major characteristic of that small era of popular prosperity was a fairly significant (if temporary) shift of the nation's assets from the fat pockets of the superrich to the funds allocated for the benefit of normal Americans.
  Any honest economist can tell you that that shift of funding from the bloated coffers of the very wealthy, to be put to work for people, will spark to life an otherwise dormant economy.  And of course, that is what did happen, as the much higher taxes on the rich during the days of Eisenhower and Kennedy were extremely beneficial for much greater numbers of us during those few years.  It really was Happy Days for a little while.
   However, the incessant pounding of their money and the media controlled by their communication shills (and that is shills and not skills), their political lackeys, and even the mainstream media have all been focused on undoing Happy Days as quickly as they can.

Mainstream Media
  Any child born in America, especially one growing up in an apolitical home, is daily and hourly subjected to a barrage of news from the mainstream, that will keep telling them that government is bad for them and that government is therefore the nemesis they must be on the lookout for. 
  That barrage almost certainly accounts for a fundamental headstart in the right-wing's percentages on American elections.  They manage to keep the false message that, "Government is the bogeyman," in the minds of far too many Americans.  
  Meanwhile, the far more malevolent threat from the superrich themselves is largely ignored, as those guys ply their scheme of nullifying our means of maintaining control and wellbeing for the American people.  By driving our government into a tight corner, the rich intend to to keep the government in a position where it cannot do one damn thing to curb their excesses, nor to keep them from severely damaging the government benefit to all normal Americans.

The John Wayne approach
  One of the things they now heavily focus on is capturing the popular, plain-spoken, heroic images and icons.  They like to affix their target to such images, even though the main drivers of this thrust are themselves worth billions and probably not all that plain-spoken themselves. 
  Since 1980 they have rid themselves of the William F. Buckley image which featured debating skills and the aura of intelligence.  They have fastened on stock-car racing, cowboys, the rougher sports, and guns.   And of course always, always those images are propelled by the mountain of money that the right wing has at their disposal.
  Yeah, they're just folks

AM Radio and Fox News
  As you drive across the country, do you ever have any problem finding Rush Limbaugh or one of his conservative cronies no matter what area code you're in?  Yeah, Rush-baby is always there to remind you (and millions of unsuspecting non-political Americans) how terrible government is, no matter what might have been on your agenda.  
  It's so endemic and automatic that it might have been just an extension of the mainstream media that was noted earlier.  Although there are a few radio shows that feature liberal themes, I'm guessing that the airtime ratio is more like 100 to one for Rush and his ilk.  
   Fox News has created an artform of right-wing propaganda disguised as up-to-the-minute TV news.  [Of course you all know the poll about people who normally watch Fox knowing less about the actual recent news than the people who do not watch news at all.]  They've made pretty deep inroads into the apolitical majority of the American people. 

They've now completely purchased the Republican Party
  Yes, the rich feel they can no longer depend upon politicians, even those that are totally conservative, to do their bidding fast enough to satisfy their purposes.  Remember just a very few years back when there were at least a few Republicans in Congress who were not completely far-right?  The last hurrah for that kind of thing was the three senators who refused to help filibuster Obama's attempt to get something going on recovery from the ignorant Bush recession.        
  Well, two of those three heroes (yes, I'll definitely call them heroes) are now gone, and I'm not sure what the last one in Congress, Senator Susan Collins, wants to do next.  If she stays, her one vote normally can't do the far-right much harm, so they may not even bother to get her removed.
  Meanwhile, depend on the knowledge that virtually every Republican officeholder (excepting Ms Collins) will be either a far-righter themselves, or will be so totally bound up politically by the far-right, that no matter what they might privately think, by their votes in Congress they might as well be Tea-Partiers.

The Tea Party
  Liberals need to stop fixating on the Tea Party as the genesis of any strategic thinking that really matters.  Tea Party activists are just the hired gunners of the right-wing.  They are not the decision makers.  Although at this point, all Republican politicians and officeholders are under total control of the billionaire far-right, and they will all automatically vote that way, there may be some advantage in the future for knowing which ones are the true-believing Tea Partiers, versus those "standard" Republicans who might only be conservative, but not necessarily the mindless true-believers.
  We have used the example here of comparing the Tea Party to the SS troops in Nazi Germany.  Although most of them were younger than the normal German soldiers, and mostly of lower rank, the SS troops were higher in the mind of Adolph Hitler, and therefore were very much favored.  
  I'm quite sure that the Tea Partiers are very much favored by the billionaires at right-wing central.  Total despots seem to very much love the mindless.

The moribund government
  Right now, even though we have the presidency in hand, the right-wing can pretty much keep us from getting anything positive done.  We can also keep them from getting anything overtly right-wing passed.  However, as people who don't want government to work anyway, that tradeoff plays right into their wheel-house.  The rich will be just fine with a government that can't do anything in either direction. 
  We are the people hurting from this standstill situation that the billionaires and their lap-dogs have evoked. There are so many things that an active government could be doing to help the American people, but at the moment the rich have got our government in a complete log-jam.  The rich are happy with the lack of action.  

We are not happy.

So what's going to happen, now?

  Well what's going to happen depends a lot on how focused and energetic we can be:

  Based on the actual majority of voters for Democrats in the 2012 elections for the House of Representatives the potential is there.  We will have to seize that opportunity and begin righting this ship.  Yeah, it's not going to be fast or easy, but what the hell?  Is anything that is worth anything ever fast or easy?  
  In addition to having a Democratic president, we need to gain and hold control of Congress.  That is in spite of the current right-wing gerrymandering of the House districts in the states, and the damn knee-jerk filibustering in the Senate of any legislation that might make for more jobs and benefits for normal Americans.
  We will need to use the power of good-old populist PR to make the current Supreme Court become such a stinko in the minds of the American voters that candidates for office that share the views of Roberts and the Knee-Jerkers will find that the Court becomes a heavy mill-stone upon their political progress.  If we can tilt the political slope heavily against the Roberts Court, we can use that tilt to benefit the American people in spite of the lifetime appointments of the knee-jerk justices.
  We've got some talent and brains on our side of the table that I believe when it gets going can outperform all of those hired guns that the billionaires can muster.  We primarily need to get that good liberal PR talent focused and moving at the right targets.

We've just implied quite a mouthful.
This will not be easy, 
and it will not happen overnight
(we are really talking long and hard)

Anyone want to give it a try? 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Rip-off artist in judicial gown.

Look out, here comes their money again!

Justice Roberts papers over his lying, double-talking self with dozens of pretty little euphemisms:
But he's still standing up for malicious big money
swindlers who want to do the rest of us in!

  On his latest curtsy to big money [the Supreme Court's major new inflation of their contemptible Citizens United decision] Chief Justice Roberts said the core purpose of the First Amendment was to protect political speech from government interference, even if many people might welcome it.
[Just watch this double-talk as he misuses and misinterprets the First Amendment.]
  “They would be delighted to see fewer television commercials touting a candidate’s accomplishments or disparaging an opponent’s character,” he wrote. “Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so, too, does much of what the First Amendment vigorously protects. If the First Amendment protects flag burning, funeral protests and Nazi parades — despite the profound offense such spectacles cause — it surely protects political campaign speech despite popular opposition.”

Disguising his damned intent - Roberts is not protecting free campaign speech.  He's just using those words to give the enormous right-wing money free reign to try to roll over otherwise fair elections.
  The double-talker-in-a-gown's hypocrisy knows no bounds.  He's still talking about billions of dollars deserving First Amendment rights just as if those almighty dollars were the same as flesh and blood American people.
  The man is totally obscuring the fact that that big money is there to try to capture and nullify our government.  It's not at all the same as some stupid kid just burning a flag.  That billionaire money is aimed at taking away our democracy, our freedoms, and our success.  That stupid little flag-burner he mentions is nowhere near that dangerous. That billionaire money is like a huge cannon aimed at our heads, and this con man wants to give it the same rights as that of living American citizens so it can just sit there and mow us down.

We'll need to use publicity on this one  
  We know we can't vote him or his knee-jerk buddies out of office, with their lifetime appointments.  So we'll have to use the power of notoriety and pile the blame as much as possible on to Roberts and his 5-4 automatics for being fawning slaves to the very money that wants to take over our freedoms.  
  I know that message can reverberate if we will just pull it together.  To do that will take someone to be the visible point-person who, by their very presence, can bring both gravitas and well-placed humor to the equation.  The humor will allow the message to be hard-hitting, but also allow it to go on for a long time without losing its steam.  
  If we do it really well, we can find that the obnoxiousness of the Supreme Court can be used to begin making their far-right allies lose elections as we clamp those billionaire suck-up Court decisions, like barnacles, onto their reactionary campaigns.  I know I've mentioned Bill Clinton for this task before, but I also know we've got dozens of people who have that right combination of weight, humor, and articulateness who could make this objective work.  It doesn't always have to be Bill; we've got a lot of verbal and promotional talent out there.  Let's bring it to bear on Roberts and his automatic five.

  Somewhere, we must have a liberal billionaire or two who could provide the wherewithal to keep something like this going.  It needs to be kept going for a long time, and the humor plus the money will be absolutely necessary for that long haul.
  Look, the right-wing has had their nasty billionaire harassers like Richard Mellon Scaife pursue our guys with their money and their obsessions trying to do our good people in, for no better reason than that they could.  Scaife just had all the money he needed, and he had the rich man's obsession and worldview that he could not be stopped.  [And he didn't even have the humor that we are recommending - he was just nasty.]  He simply went on and on months and years beyond what anyone was still concerned about, grinding away at trying to drive one of our guys down.  
   It's time to turn that table and give the right-wing a taste of their own medicine by keeping the stupidities of the Roberts Supreme Court glaringly in front of the American people.

Let's make the Roberts Supreme Court
 quit groveling to the rich  
Or at least make it more and more embarrassing
 when they do grovel to the billionaires

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"He's a very nice person, and he has this incredible business track record...."

That's Bill Gates....
.... speaking of Charles Koch

    Well of course these multi-billionaires are not going to start slamming each other.  And through their moneyed assurance and their gracious training, they do come over as "nice people," even though politically Koch is a major impediment to most of the highest goals that Gates is telling us he wants to achieve.
  Most of Gates' goals are focused in the areas of meaningful improvements for the earth as a place for humans to live and to thrive.  From the evidence that I see about Charles Koch and his brother David, those are not only not the goals of the Koch brothers, they are in fact the all-consuming abominations of the Kochs.  The Kochs spend a considerable amount of their massive fortunes to defeat those Gates goals in:

 - climate                  
- energy                  
- agriculture            
- infectious diseases
- education reform  

Not an explicitly recognized confrontation
  Now Gates always has considered himself more of a computer coder type than as a visionary like Steven Jobs.  Consequently he seems to be tackling more the nuts and bolts of the how-to-do-it rather than the probably more aggressive stance of the stand-back-and-watch-me-do-it.  Bill appears to have little taste for the direct political infighting that it would take to clear the path and really get moving on achieving those goals of his.

  [Of course my term "nuts and bolts" doesn't really do justice to what Gates really wants to tackle.  He's been doing a great job lining up the technical solutions to most of our biggest problems to living on the earth.  He primarily now needs that political path to be cleared away so he can get started on making those things happen.]

  Although there are some of the clearly liberal themes in much of what Gates says (ie - higher taxes on the wealthy, etc.), the political confrontation that will be necessary at some point in order for those Gates goals to be fully tackled, does not yet seem to be an arrow in Bill's quiver.  There will need to be some major political turning points in our current policy situation in order to really get going on those excellent goals of his.
  Meanwhile, although they tend to make nice when they speak of each other, Bill Gates and the Kochs do have diametrically opposed goals.  The opposition is not fully mirrored, because although Gates is working in his politically non-confrontational mode, Koch is spending a great amount of time and energy to directly thwart any chances for those Gates goals to be politically realized.  To be sure Koch is not out on the street visibly campaigning to defeat the above goals of Gates, but he, together with his brother David, make one of the major obstructive forces against those Gates goals. 
  With the Kochs' attitudes formed from equal parts of growing up with their rich kids' entitlements, the early influence of their John Bircher father, and their later involvement with the disguised malice of the Libertarian miserliness, the Kochs are clearly leading the charge, not only against the goals of Bill Gates, but also against the benefits to the American people.
  As you might expect, though, it's not a lined up head-to-head battle between Gates and the Kochs.  Although what Gates is trying to visualize and accomplish in his own non-confrontational way would definitely be anathema to the Kochs, in the world of the billionaires they manage to mostly avoid head-on collisions.

So Just What are the Kochs up to?
 [from the first posting of this blog; Oct. 2011 - and current evidence shows it's now a lot worse.] 
       Well, I don’t believe they’re Santa Claus.  With just the instances noted here; fighting against collective bargaining for public employees, fighting against reduction of global warming, and fighting against local school progress on integration, that’s a very small piece of what the Kochs are doing.  We’ll expand on these and other examples in the coming weeks, with some instances showing how they put combinations of their negative intrusions into play.  Meanwhile take these three cases, multiply them by a very large number, add a ton of money, add a lot of front groups, and add a level of aggressiveness not seen in previous generations of politics. 
[It's now identified as much worse since that first posting in 2011
There's the 'vast right wing conspiracy,' - I know Hillary had hit the nail on the head back in 1998  Now, although the Kochs are the a major spearhead of the right wing attack on our government and its ability to benefit the American people, they are definitely not the whole far-right show.  They've got hundreds more of their right-wing American billionaires lined up working in the same direction as the Koch brothers, all intending to nullify the effectiveness of our government.  They don't want government to do what it did to the robber barons after the Great Depression hit us.    [People were starving, but regulation??? - we couldn't have that!]


 It's not a level battle

   Yes, they'll try to tell you that we have both right and left-leaning billionaires going at it.  However, it's not at all a level playing field.  Most of the so-called liberal billionaires are working on primarily non-political goals that, while potentially aimed at helping real Americans, are not at all focused on the right-left political infighting.  In addition to that, the "liberal" billionaires may give money to support a cause or two, much the same as the Bill Gates with his high-level goals listed at the beginning of this post, above.

- However, the Kochs and their buddies want to gut our government.
- And they've been willfully and calculatingly throwing everything into doing just that.
- They use their devious focus on all the government's shaky spots like the filibuster, gerrymander, and a Supreme Court chaired by a right-wing Machiavellian.
- We're not taking that kind of battle to them at all, yet.
- It's like we're serving tennis balls, but they're using real bullets. 

If we could steer this towards some significant liberal money working from underneath.....
  I know it's not nearly as sexy to build this tie-in from the ground up, but if we could influence a number of our liberal billionaires to throw their support into winning a significant number of our state government legislatures, then we might be onto something.
  One of the first things such an accomplishment would directly influence, would be a reversal of the damn gerrymander that gave us the dumbest House of Representatives that this country has ever had [and man, it is the dumbest.]  We had 1.4 million more votes in 2012 for Democratic House candidates, but we still lost the House fairly significantly to that rotten gerrymander.  [Yeah, there's lots more to be done, but this would be a great first step.]

That gerrymander reversal would be a great Step One.

 Do you think there's a possibility liberal billionaires...
... could dive into such a nuts and bolts political chore...
... as winning state legislatures for people's benefit ?