Monday, July 21, 2014

Kochs: "too liberal." Liberals: "not liberal enough." But my money's on this ticket!

We don't have to pit Elizabeth Warren 
Hillary Clinton

These two are 98%+ in agreement..
..and will make a marvelous team.

OK, the Koch loudspeakers will try to divert you
  And of course the Kochs don't care which argument they use, as long as they try to move their far-right agenda forward.  For instance with regard to Ms. Warren, their tea-party screamers will try to make numbers of Americans fall for the deceit that, "she's too left wing!"

Yeah, she's about as left-wing as Teddy Roosevelt
  Ms. Warren has vigorously championed a fair shake for normal Americans within the messed-up economic and employment system that's been devised by the rich boys for the rich boys.  If wanting everyday Americans to succeed in spite of a system that's been heavily tilted to favor the rich is someone's definition of left-wing, then that someone needs to....

... think again!

(Teddy R. would not call that left-wing.)

  With the Koch brothers formula for deciding who is "extremist", both you and I would get steamrolled into that little canard of theirs that says everyone who is to the political left of David and Charles is, "a left winger!"  That flimsy libel by itself wouldn't make that much of a difference, but the Koch loudspeakers are amplified by their multi-billions; so they get to make far too many millions of Americans have to listen to their far-right diatribe for far too long and at far too much volume.  Apparently just the droning repetition of those loudspeakers, funded on-and-on by the billionaires' unending money-vaults can bring about our exasperated answer that says, "OK (already) up must be down; now if you'll just shut up!"    
  If "radical" is a measure of how off-center politically someone may be, Ms. Warren, although very clearly liberal, is a hell of a lot less radical than Ted Cruz (or for that matter, less radical than the nitwits that were "elected" by the 2012 gerrymander of the House elections).  Since 2012 those radicals have been in total control of one of our houses of Congress (and they've been setting new records for stupidity in government.)

Ms. Warren understands how finances work.  
She knows that stuff cold!  Far better than most
 of those working at the Treasury Department. 


  Ms. Clinton was one of the first of us to recognize how the alarms should be sounding back in 1998.  She sensed what we were up against when the Republican Congress was working itself into a tizzy trying to impeach her husband. She was one of the first that I heard to use the term - "vast right-wing conspiracy."  That was before I even had any idea that there was such a thing.  As you no doubt can perceive from the gist of this blog, I have been very much more alerted to the far-right scheme since Hillary's first alarm in  1998.  

But let's get to the liberal crux regarding Ms. Clinton:  
  In the Senate in 2002, she voted to approve Bush's hoked-up case for launching the Iraq war.  Although my own liberal tendency would have been to do everything possible to avoid that war, Ms. Clinton, under the environment of the weapons of mass destruction flim-flam from George Bush, voted to allow Bush to go ahead with his intent to go to war if necessary.
Did I think that was a good idea at the time?     No!

Do I think, now that it was a good idea?     No!

But, did we end up with the kind of combative liberal we would need to successfully take on the onslaught of the Kochs?     

Absolutely yes! *

  * Winston Churchill was a Tory politician in Britain during the rise of Hitler in Germany.  It soon became clear that the more peace-loving liberals in Britain would be no match for Hitler's juggernaught, so they brought in Churchill.  Although Churchill was by no means the the only successful measure opposing Hitler, he was extremely effective in holding Hitler off until the United States was propelled into the war by the Pearl Harbor attack.
  Politically I would not have advocated for Churchill under any other circumstances.  However, in this case the wolves were baying at the door, and the world needed someone willing and able to take on those wolves.  
  [If it had not been for Churchill, we might all be speaking German now.]
   So what does this mean for Hillary Clinton?  Ms Clinton is another combative leader who is willing and able to take on these later 21st century wolves.  Although they haven't yet started killing multitudes of us using bombs and bullets, stick around.  The Kochs and their cohorts are on an avowed path to to put all of us under right-wing subjection, and would use any means to achieve that.  They'd prefer not to use bloodshed, perhaps, but with their religious fixation on power and money, who really knows?

I believe Ms. Clinton can be our 21st century Churchill  

  She will be the best at holding the fort until we in America can come to our political senses, and we can toss the pillagers out of office.  She might not be as "pure" a liberal as some of us might want in many cases, but my take is that she's exactly what we need for these trying times where the Kochs are baying at the door. 


So why do I say that Clinton and Warren should team?

  Because as you look around, there aren't two better fighters in the land who can bring to the table what we need to both oppose the  massively financed forces of greed, and to effectively and intelligently upgrade the well-being of the average American.  
  In addition to being two excellent fighters, they each bring skills that can be brought to bear on this current outrage of the incursion by the Kochs and their cohorts, plus skills that can effectively be focused on the economic improvement of the American people, and the American infrastructure, and the American environment.
  I believe that their teaming can get us back towards the successful teaming of the government and the American people that we last enjoyed during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.

Can Clinton and Warren
guide us back to the
 happy days of
Eisenhower and Kennedy?


Friday, July 11, 2014

Our money's there! The rich just have it stashed away...

Many of us don't remember...
(or are too young)
...the primary Eisenhower/Kennedy
 investment in the American public.

  Too many Americans are misguided by the Koch loudspeakers into believing that there is not enough money for American government to operate, nor for government to do what it was intended to do, which is:
Protect and strengthen the American people.
       Well people, --
 - those Koch loudspeakers are full of bull.
- our money's there, it's always been there
  With the higher tax rates that both the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations had, that public money was both visible and usable.  It was there to be put to use by the American people.  The average American family benefited tremendously by having a much more favorable shift towards a government that was determined and able to use its money and clout to help everyday Americans be successful and prosperous. 
  The key to the falloff from the well-being of citizens back then to the current horrors of our Koch reality, was triggered by the massive, and the very ignorant, tax cuts that were put in place by two of the most blundering presidents in our history, Reagan and Bush.
 On the other hand, the higher tax rates employed during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations were indispensable to the economic success enjoyed by both the average Americans and the overall economy.  During the era of the much higher taxes of Eisenhower and Kennedy, a much higher percentage of Americans were employed in jobs with good pay.  That higher performing economy was not only possible in spite of the higher taxes, it was enjoyed because of the higher taxes.  

  Unfortunately, with the advent of the enormous tax cuts enacted by the birdbrains, Bush and Reagan, our economy has since tanked. 

Hogging the loudspeakers

  The damn rich have hogged the loudspeakers for so long that they have a pretty large contingent of Americans who are not rich mindlessly mouthing all the rich guy's slogans and supporting their greedy grabs. 

 Our money's there!
It's always been there!

  Too many Americans have been conned by the Koch loudspeakers into believing that our economy just doesn't have the funding to pay for roads and bridges, or for schoolbooks and teachers' salaries..... We've got to get a lot smarter, and stop swallowing the Koch bible, hook line and sinker.  We've got the money to do what we need to do, so why don't we just blow by these Koch-heads?  That would make perfect sense, and also be extremely satisfying.
  However, with their damn massive tax cuts (yes, courtesy of the idiots, Reagan and Bush) they manage to make it look like the government doesn't have the money.  With their burrowing into the processes of our government, they've got a lot of our bills tied up to make it look like the government is somehow out of money.

We are not out of money!

 [Oh, maybe we'll need to win a Congressional election or two to make it stick, and to make sure the billionaires put our total back on the books.  But that's doable.  We just need to get our chutzpah together.
  How about we start with the 2014 Congressional elections now, and then carry that forward into the 2016 elections?  I'm pretty optimistic about electing a good president, I'm more concerned about how we do on Congress.]

Bore-sight on an intelligent Congress, for once 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hobby Lobby -- (the underground far-right fire)

Roberts has been just champing the bit
 to begin his legislating from the bench
  John Roberts, in keeping up with his, "biggest hypocrite ever" award, has begun to return the Supreme Court back to the battle for the far-right conspiracy.  With Congress on stage, the far-righters have managed to gerrymander the House of Representatives to give us the most harebrained version of that body of legislators in our whole history.  And to insure that the House does not have to carry the conspirators' flag all alone, they've managed to invoke the filibuster vote in the Senate many dozens of times to insure that responsible legislation cannot even get to the floor in the senior chamber.

John Roberts is licking his chops
Waiting to join the far-right fun
already being enjoyed by Congress.

  With his appointed ability bequeathed by George Bush II, Roberts can use all the Supreme Court weapons.  He has not only his automatic 5-4 vote in the chamber, but also his combination of the gavel and his own glibness to have every vote go his own way.  The S.O.B gets to, not only ask the questions, but provide the deciding vote on his own answers to those questions. 
  Which seems like way too much power to me.  If our alert right-winger, Roberts, wants to have a minor little topic turn into a suddenly major right/left constitutional issue, he can simply do that with just the flick of his pen.  He knows the 5-4 concurring vote will be coming automatically. 
  If, on the other hand, he thinks the outcome might possibly be a little bit detrimental to the right-wing conspiracy, all he has to do is vote, "No," to his own question.  The number of times they are drawing back and voting "no" to their own questions are dropping sharply:
Roberts and his knee-jerkers are
 rapidly getting much bolder.

They're so bold already, that
I'm not sure Roberts couldn't have
 successfully voted "Unconstitutional"
  on Obamacare.

[Glad he was a little too chicken.  I'm sure he would have liked 
to kill Obamacare, but just wasn't ready for a knock-down battle 
where they might  lose, and then find us on a retribution warpath.]

The Hobby Lobby
  The Hobby Lobby issue is one where Roberts and his automatics have just ruled that the religious views of ownership get to override the views of an Obamacare participant.  Even if the employee has chosen Obamacare, the owner/company can still renege on its payment to the government for the medical costs of an abortion.  And that's for no other reason than the religious views of the owners.  They get to override the valid choices of their employee under the medical insurance of Obamacare.

Chipping Away
  The Hobby Lobby is one of the first instances of using the automatic right-wing vote in the Roberts Court to simply chip away at a law that has already been written and passed by Congress.  They're afraid to take the question of abortion on head-on, so they use their little gambit of the Roberts hypocrisy plus his automatic right-wing votes in court to achieve their original purpose.  That purpose is the sabotaging of a rightful law without having to risk a full head-to-head conflict to just honestly face it down.  It's been a while, but they have seen what we can do if they really get us riled.

We need to make sure this Hobby Lobby gambit
  is well-known to the American people..

 .. and that the people understand
 the right-wing fraudulence
 that is involved. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

The bullying and intimidation of America's young women - Here go the fanatic screamers again.

Re-invited: courtesy of
the John Roberts Court

The screaming zealots of the sidewalk 
can now spew their venom
Right in the faces of our young women. 

  As the young women of America attempt to enter clinics that can offer guidance and best procedure for unwanted pregnancies (that's pregnancies that could also involve abortion) Chief Justice Roberts has given the sidewalk/tea-party crazies carte-blanch to do their worst.  
  As these demented bulliers -- with no buffer zone protection for the young women from their intimidating nose-to-nose screaming and spittle -- descend upon these innocents, let's make sure we remember again who did this to them, and to us all: 

It was:    John Roberts

  Of course we know it's John Roberts.  As the highest sitting paid operative for the far-right conspiracy, he pretty much controls the manifest aspects of the right-wing moves.  I won't yet try to guess at who (back in their murky chamber) really controls the greedy decisions that govern the John Roberts' mores that we actually get to see and hear.
  Roberts, with his Mephistophelian operations while acting as the nastiest example of a Chief Justice in our nearly 250 years of government in America, is a real jerk in a judicial gown.  He uses the powers of his appointed office to do extensive right-wing damage to us while he's pretending to "only call the judicial balls and strikes." 
  Far from being a just and objective arbiter, this a-hole-in-a-gown really has his own extremely hard-right agenda, and he slams that far, far right political garbage right at us.  He's the worst hypocrite I am aware of!!

The far-right conspiracy uses the crazies as their canard
  They've become pretty proficient at getting us to, "look over there!"  Yes, those street crazies of theirs are pretty bizarre.  They're so irritating with their extremely abusive behavior towards young American women that it's difficult to take your eye off of them while you are fuming and gritting your teeth.
  The street crazies, along with their demented sidekicks the Tea-Partiers, are all key agents for the far-right command.  They serve to help keep your attention from focusing on the real perpetrators of their latest heinous hoax, while they are busy immobilizing our democracy to steal it away.
  These zealots and street-crazies who are tormenting our American young women are heinous, and I can't blame you if you find them so disgusting that it's hard to take your eye off of them.  So take a real good look at these nuts.  And while you're using their nastiness to fuel up your own resolve for leveling one or more of these idiots with a blow for justice, don't forget to keep focused on the real triggerman. 

The real triggerman
   John Roberts can use his position to unleash whatever pestilence and horror from right-wing hell that he can come up with in order to herd us all into submission.  With his four automatic knee-jerk votes on the Court, he can apply his vote where it can make the most headway for the far-right conspiracy.
  Sometimes that vote of his can be applied in a way that is an apparent contradiction with his four automatic far-righters.  He might appear to sometimes be voting against the goals of the far-right conspiracy.  His fairly recent vote to uphold Obamacare was a case in point.  Make no mistake, he could have killed Obamacare right there.
  However, my take on the machinations of that John Roberts' vote is that they were concerned that we might have reacted to the far-right's killing Obamacare by launching a 1930's style house-cleaning of the the far-right conspirators.  With this latest gambit of the Court's, the far-right bean-counters have decided that they will risk letting their crazies loose on (presumably smaller voting numbers) of our young American women who are attempting to enter clinics to deal with unwanted pregnancies.
  John Roberts doesn't really care how much pain the far-right causes to those young women, as long as the retribution for that does not reach a level that causes any setback to the goals of the far-right conspiracy.  

So be prepared for the worst of the street-zealots
  Because the far-right is betting that the young women will not command enough political power to instigate any 1930's style house-cleaning, John Roberts and company really do not give a good god-damn how much pain their idiots cause for those young American women.
  The crazies will be right in their faces, hounding them every step of the way.  They want to make the hounding and the pain be so intense and so pervasive that the young women will be too intimated to even try to enter one of the clinics.
  The bosses of the maniacs have calculated that because of this severe intimidation, a dwindling number of these young victims will not even come close to causing them any political problem:

   Have the far-right bosses 
Got it right?

Or will these young women
Be able to inspire the
Political backing to...


... respond to this heinous and insulting
 damage by John Roberts' street morons?