Tuesday, September 16, 2014

They don't want to govern, they want to destroy government!

Let's not have people govern
who only want to wipe out 
 our government. 

  The Tea Party is well established as the cheerleader for those who want to incapacitate our government.  We are seeing several of our conservative states where moderate Democratic candidates for the US Senate are being opposed by Tea Partiers.  There's something wrong with inviting those who want to damage and destroy government to have a say in how that government is to be run.

Something is out of whack here:  
The Tea Party wants to use government to hurt government. 
   The moderate Democratic senators in the states of Arkansas, Alaska, and Louisiana are under heavy attack from their various Tea Party opponents, plus tons of Koch money.  It's a combination of, "hit 'em high and hit 'em low," with the Tea Party screamers and the attack ads funded by the megadollars from Charles and David Koch.
  In Arkansas the moderate Democrat is Mark Pryor.  In Louisiana it's Mary Landrieu.  And in Alaska it's Mark Begich.

Tough hurdle, but we've got to clear it:
  - If we can win two of those three states we're home free, the Senate will not fall into the hands of the Kochs.

  - If we win one of those three states, control of the Senate is a tossup.

  If you are in position to help with the Senate race in any of those three states, whether it's contribution, campaigning, or even voting, may you proceed with our wholehearted support.

[For that matter, any other Senate or Congressional race you can impact with your progressive viewpoint will be most welcome.]


Monday, September 8, 2014

Koch is a four letter word

Americans have a duty to do...
 ...they need to be aware of this:

    Americans need to know that these two very rich and disturbing brothers are out to stampede over us on their way to making the world dance to their tune.  And to an alarming degree, they've been doing just that.
(from the first posting of this blog in 2011)
The Beginning Brew?     
     We all grew up alongside rich kids.  With some of them, we could observe that growing sense of entitlement as they became aware of what their family’s money could do for them.  Not all the rich kids did this, but enough of them did that the entitled rich kid is a recognizable type.  Just as not all of the rich kids fell into the entitlement mold, I’m sure some adult billionaires do not behave that way either.
     Now, I don’t know the Kochs personally; but, if some sense of that rich kid entitlement seeped into their developing brains, and if that sense was joined by a radical view of reality from their John Birch founding father, we could have the beginning brew for this current mess.  At some point along the way Charles and David became Libertarians.  With their enormous amount of money, with their Libertarian and Bircher world-views, with that possible sense of entitlement, the brothers have likely become people who not only utterly hate government, but have the power and the motive to do something fanatical about it.
  And the Kochs have been fulfilling Daddy's dreams by doing a lot of damage against our democratically elected government.  They have determined that, in order to take us out of the picture, they must first nullify the ability of our government to do anything to restrain them, destroying government if they must in order to nullify it. 
  The damned debt-limit crisis of 2011, with their Tea-Party cheerleaders, was one of the Koch provoked debacles of recent times in their jihad to shift enormous amounts of spending power away from our communal assets and over into their own billionaire-fat pockets.  They of course had used two of their nit-wit presidents, Reagan and Bush, to complete this beyond-enormous heist, with the canard of "giving everyone a tax cut."  Those were two monstrous tax cuts, by far nearly all of it going to the rich.  It was maybe a hundred dollars going to the average American taxpayer, while the average billionaire (like the Kochs) got multi-millions, or even billions. 
  With those funds pouring out of our government, the Kochs and their followers stole trillions from out of our shared funds for their own gluttonous use.  [If you aren't completely sure what a trillion is, look it up.  See how many millions it takes to make a trillion:Those stolen trillions came out of our ability to build roads and bridges; and to educate our children all the way from first grade to graduate school.  

  There's no other way to put this: 
 The Kochs stole our money! 

What that's done to us
  What they've done, is take a country, the United States, that had been prosperous and overflowing during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations, where there was a rewarding partnership between insightful government and private capital.  Yes, we had higher taxes on the rich, but the little secret from that ...[It's actually a very big secret.]... was that with those higher taxes on the rich, great numbers of Americans, millions and millions, prospered. 
  You know the kinds of things we accomplished under Ike and Jack (like the interstate highways and going to the moon) and with the prosperity resulting from those higher taxes, did cost a lot of money; but what the hell, we could afford those things because of those higher taxes.
  [The other part of that little secret is that, not only did millions of Americans do much better, the rich actually did much better with those taxes in operation.]
  Plus we could keep everyone gainfully employed, we could send our older kids to school without breaking their backs to pay it back, we could hire enough schoolteachers for our younger kids.  We could provide the necessary medical care, we could properly build and maintain all the roads and bridges, and we could staff and maintain all the state and local government service and safety offices.
  Somewhere, with their Koch-provoked gigantic tax cuts Reagan and Bush pulled the stopper on our communal resources tub and all of our money just came gushing out.  [Except our money didn't just fall onto the ground, it came gushing out of our shared cash register right into the pockets of the Koch brothers.]
  And it was an enormous amount of money; enough to bankrupt our hopes of achieving anything worthwhile using our common capital.  So they totally drained us, the Kochs and their billionaire friends:
The Kochs have turned us from a prosperous nation
into a penny-pinching crew that can't even build
 and maintain our own roads

So what's the main problem I have with the Kochs?
  It's because they've taken those rich-kid tendencies that we touched on earlier where those budding rich-kid whispers of possible entitlement have exploded into their full-blown aggressions to steal from ordinary Americans, and by doing everything they can to bring our elected government to its knees. [And make no mistake, they're not stealing nickels and dimes here, they're stealing trillions.]  
  Their economic religion of homage to private wealth does not allow the possibility that ordinary citizens might come together and use their common resources to do the right things as members of a free and equal nation.  No, the Koch dogma only recognizes funds from self-serving billionaires, not funds that are raised by millions of Americans working in concert. 

So in pulling off their enormous heist,
 the Kochs have turned us from an 
affluent, go-get-em nation under 
Eisenhower and Kennedy into this
shrinking violet of a country 
that can't get out of its own way!

Thus, the four-letter word.

America, we've got a job to do...
 ... regarding these flagrant brothers

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thousands of tentacles

Look, I know the Kochs 
are disastrous.
    So I'm not saying anything that you didn't already know.  Of course they use their mountain of money to try to do us ordinary people in, in every way possible.
   What got me thinking of them was that Labor Day was just this last week.  Even before they got started on their current hurrah of working to totally dismantle our government they had been very busy working to destroy labor unions, which is just another way of doing great damage to us ordinary Americans in their reverse class war.  

 Yes, there are lots of right wing billionaires, 
 But these brothers are are their nasty keynoters
  They're screwing with our school board elections, they created their far-right Rosmary's Baby, the Tea Party, they're doing their damndest to deep-six the remnant of our formerly proud and strong labor unions, and now they're targeting Congress (currently trying to capture control of the U.S. Senate) to harass and goad that body into pathways that will be harmful and ignorant for most of us, but would be enormously self-serving for these noxious money-brothers.  This little paragraph does not begin to name even a measurable portion of all the poisons that these two dump onto the rest of us in their efforts to make America and the world roll into their plans the Kochs' Libertarian dreams of realizing such an environment marked by reverence for total greed.
  Yeah, I know you'll see the name, David Koch as one of the key funders of the PBS Nova series, but that's just his huge pile of money being used to further his own selfish ends.  Money is like a utility infielder, you can plug it into almost any position on your team, and if you've planned well, and have enough of the green stuff on your side, you'll probably get to the target you're aiming for.  In this case having the name, David Koch, show as the major Nova contributor makes him look like a really good guy:

We know that's not true:

The Libertarian Kochs are in this strictly for themselves.   

If you enjoy Nova, great:    
 Just don't start thinking this means that 
the Kochs are suddenly on your side.  

They are not on your side. 

I guess that, so far, it doesn't ring too much of a bell yet.
  So far, using the Koch name to try to alert the great majority of apolitical Americans that there's skullduggery afoot still doesn't have the effect that it should.  The name, Koch, may mean "beware" to most politically aware citizens, but it still doesn't carry much of an impact on the much larger group of apolitical Americans.
  Hopefully, many more of our neighbors will become knowledgeable about these money-laden brothers and their malicious intentions, and how they have thousands of their poisonous tentacles in almost every thing that matters to us, screwing up our jobs, the economy, and our freedoms in service to their greed.

We can help our neighbors become aware*.

* If we can do that, we can stop the Koch right-wing blitz in its tracks.
To do that, we'll have to start by winning and holding Congress.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grumpy II - three of the candidates from those six close Senate races sucking up to the Kochs

The Kochs are in this Senate showdown
up to their elbows (and their billions)

The following is an excerpt (the beginning) from an article by Sam Stein on Huffington Post:
WASHINGTON -- Three top Republican Senate candidates heaped praise on the political network built by the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch during a secretive conference held by the brothers this past summer, according to audio of the event.
Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst and Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton directly credited donors present at the June 16 retreat in Dana Point, California, for propelling them forward. Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner told attendees that his race would likely be decided by the presence of "third party" money -- an obvious pitch for generosity from the well-heeled crowd.
The presence of Gardner and Cotton was previously reported by The Nation magazine, though it is unclear if Cotton ever confirmed his appearance. Ernst's attendance had not previously been reported.
For all three, the association with the Koch brothers' network is likely to provide kindling for their opponents, who have already argued that the Republicans are steered by deep-pocketed conservatives.